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Best Fitbit Smartwatch | Which Model Is Right For You?

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Fitbit Watch

Fitbit is undoubtedly the leading brand in the sector of smartwatch, a device that more and more sports fans use to monitor vital signs such as heart rate. But which, of its seven last generation models, is better for you? Choosing the best Fitbit smartwatch can be somewhat overwhelming. However, thanks to our practical guide, you will know what factors to take into account to determine which of them the one that best suits your circumstances is.

To make things easier for you, we have included at the beginning of this article a summary of the best Fitbit smartwatch according to your profile, which will help you make the right purchase decision. You can also take a look at the table to compare all the smartwatches, or go below to find a complete comparison.

Needless to say, all the models are of high quality. Bet on one or the other, you can be sure that you will take home a great device that will help you improve your physical training routine, either moderate or full time.

While it is true that, for professionals, we suggest taking a look at other more expensive options, as they have wristbands designed explicitly for those who make a career, ride a bicycle or practice swimming. To see other smartwatch options, see our guide about the top ten of this year’s best Fitbit smartwatch.

Fitbit Watch

10 best Fitbit smartwatch reviews:

1. Fitbit Ionic Watch review:

Editor’s choice: The Fitbit brand has become a benchmark, worldwide and in the manufacture of wristbands that quantify physical exercise and daily activity. The Fitbit Ionic model consolidates this leadership thanks to its great features and the quality of its materials. It is the first choice in our top 10 best Fitbit smartwatch review list. The Ionic is a smartwatch, with modern features & functions and the ability to monitor body activity for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Highlighted features:

If you want to improve your fitness and your health, then the Ionic is a genuine, smartwatch by Fitbit which is being compared to apple watch.

It is the first choice for those whose initial purchase decision is a health or activity tracker. Let’s see the bunch of features that the Fitbit Ionic offers to its users:

Activity tracking:

As you would expect from a device developed by Fitbit, the primary function of Ionic is to monitor your daily activity. It is the most worked and what indeed works best in this watch.

This monitoring of the activity involves accounting for the steps and, with that, estimating distance traveled and calories consumed. Thanks to the barometric altimeter that also incorporates the number of floors up to the stairs.

All this can be consulted directly on the clock by pressing the upper right button, which will give you access to the screen with all the information on your activity during the day.

Obviously, this information will also be found on the mobile phone, since the synchronization is constant. The application presents the information very clearly, and you can see the details at a glance.

Fitbit Ionic Watch

Practicing sport

So far, we have reviewed what we can do during the daily activity, but we must not forget that the Fitbit Ionic goes beyond the activity log and is prepared to practice more intense exercises.

Before starting to train you can select which profiles you want to see on the watch, which you can do directly from the mobile application. You can have a maximum of 7 activities prepared from a somewhat more extended list of options.

It allows you to configure some options for each sport profile, but the possibilities are fundamental: use GPS, activate the pause or show warnings by distance, time, or calories.

Fitbit Ionic optical sensor and precision

The Ionic is an essential change within the Fitbit platform, not only for its debut as a manufacturer of smartwatches in its own right but also because it incorporates the new sensor they have been developing for a few years.

Currently, there are no significant changes in what we can perceive during the use of the watch in both pulses tracking throughout the day and in the record during activities and training.

The main novelty that they announced in their presentation is the possibility that the new sensor registers SpO2 values, that is, oxygen levels in the blood.

Thanks to this sensor, Fitbit indicates that in the future, it would be able to measure sleep apnea directly from the clock, but it is simply something that they suggest could be possible soon.

A big screen

The first thing that strikes the attention of this watch is the large size of its screen. You will find yourself before a 1.42-inch display, which stands out for its high resolution (302 PPI).

If other watch shows the information in small rectangular spaces, Fitbit prefers to do it in a wide square in full color and with resistance to scratches and inclement weather and an elegant finish.

Music playback

Fitbit announced that its Ionic would be able to play music easily, independently and through headphones or Bluetooth speakers.

The Ionic has 2.5GB of internal storage that will be used for music and applications. But since the latter occupy very little space, practically all of the memory can be dedicated to music.

Supported operating system

The Fitbit Ionic wristband works with the Fitbit OS system and is compatible with both Android and iPhone.

So, you only have to download the free Fit application to enjoy all the features of your wearable and study your physical evolution on your mobile device.

Integrated GPS and heart rate monitor

The Fitbit Ionic wristband will record each of your movements during the day; it will display a diagram of the areas you have advanced and record the distance traveled, and speed reached.

It will do so thanks to its integrated GPS-Glonass. Also, the heart rate monitor will measure your heart rate, a key parameter to verify your physical improvement after training sessions.

Payments with Fitbit Pay

We continue walking on winding terrain. The Fitbit Ionic includes the payment platform of Fitbit Pay, with which in theory you can pay wirelessly in your usual stores. Today? No tomorrow? Neither.

With the associated card in the application, you can now make payments for NFC, known as Contact Less.

You can also use this system to those stores that have NFC technology. Assuming that you can add your bank card, that the store you are in has a contactless contact datapad.


Fitbit Ionic is great for fitness and designed for life

It syncs with iPhone, iPad, ios, Android and windows 10

It can store and play 300 plus songs/p>

Built-in NFC chip allows you to make smart payment

The built-in GPS or GLONASS helps to track pace, distance & routes

The large and small size bands ensure a comfortable fit for 24 hours

The screen (corning gorilla glass) is damage resistant

Maximal operating height is 30,000 ft

Operating temperature is up to 4° to 113° F

The battery life is up to 4 days

It allows you to monitor heart rate, activity, and sleep for 24/7

Water resistant up to 50 meters


red-sign-iconIt is a bit costly watch at launch

red-sign-iconIt does not allow responding to notifications


If you are in search of an excellent smartwatch that offers to message, applications such as Facebook, Twitter, emails (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, among others), the Fitbit Ionic is the best choice!

2. Fitbit Versa SmartWatch review:

Editor’s choice: The Fitbit Versa activity wristband is one of the complete devices of the Fitbit brand. By features and price, Fitbit Versa is positioned as an attractive option for those seeking the best value for money smartwatch, or for those who want the smartwatch with the best battery. The purpose of Fitbit Versa is, according to its creators, to help you enjoy life to the fullest.

Highlighted features:

Are you looking for a smartwatch that allows you to have information about your pulse or calories burned and to control the quality of your sleep?

These are some of the features of Versa, the smartwatch presented by Fitbit as an alternative to the best-selling Apple Watch. Let’s read the top-notch features of Fitbit Versa:


It was developed in a more urban than sporty design, becoming competition for watches such as the Apple Watch.

So it can show off both in sports environments, as on any other occasion, making it a versatile Smartwatch ideal for carrying at all times.

Also, it is slim, comfortable, and casual in design. It comes with a super light case, and you can wear it all day and night.


It has a touch panel LCD, resolution of 300 x 300 pixels, measures 42 inches an excellent size to visualize its functions and manipulate it optimally, also, the tactile response is quite agile.

Fitbit Versa SmartWatch

The screen is protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which makes it resistant to bumps and scratches.

The brightness level is excellent, you can visualize the screen in environments with reliable lighting, and it also has automatic brightness adjustment, with a response fast enough and very assertive.


Two are on the right side and one larger on the left side; the 3 have the same color of the edge of the screen. They are curved and blend perfectly, without being too outstanding, ideal for handling the Smartwatch efficiently.


It has an optical sensor to capture the cardiac pulse, 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, ambient light sensor, Wi-Fi antenna, and altimeter.

Apps and battery life:

Fitbit Versa SmartWatch allows you to download different apps for finance, fitness, sports, social, and more. You can get access to call, text, calendar, and app alerts. The battery life of Versa is over 4 days. You can track your night, morning, and everything in between for 24/7.


Fitbit Versa allows you to track your all-day performances

It will enable you to monitor sleep period and heart rate for 24/7

The aluminum body (andonized) makes this watch durable enough

It is slim, lightweight and comfortable in design

Fitbit Versa is water resistant up to 50 meters

It comes with almost 15 plus exercise mode such as swim or runs to track your workouts

It is compatible with smartphone GPS connectivity

It allows you to receive notifications from your smartphone and send fast replies

The SmartTrack and female health tracking technology enables users to monitor sports and workouts automatically

It stores and plays over 300 songs

Battery life is over 4 days


red-sign-iconBattery life seems little low as Fitbit Ionic

red-sign-iconIt doesn’t have GPS


The Fitbit Versa is the fourth version of Smartwatch of the brand; it is also one of the top products, characterized by being one of the cheapest and with the best sports features. I would like to recommend this smartwatch for all.

3. Fitbit Versa Smart Watch, One Size review:

Editor’s choice: With a renewed design and new features, the Fitbit Versa is postulated as one of the significant launches of the Fitbit in 2018: more focused on daily life (although with its sporting part) and with applications dedicated to women’s health. This smartwatch designed for use both in your daily lives and for sports use came to fill a gap between the Fitbit quantifying wristbands and its Ionic sports watch.

Highlighted features:

Do you start your training? Nothing better than being able to monitor everything that happens to your body when it comes to being healthy. This Fitbit Versa smartwatch (S & L Bands Included) quickly becomes your new best ally. Let’s see the features of this watch below:


First of all, it is designed with a super light geometric case. You will find this Fitbit Versa watch slim, comfortable and casual enough to wear for 24/7(all day and all night). It comes with a comfortable single button design with S & L Bands.

Note: Fitbit gives Fitbit Versa a more urban design to take it away from the sports environment and compete directly with Apple or Samsung smartwatches.

Water resistant:

The Fitbit Versa’s smartwatches are water-resistant up to 50 meters. They can withstand up to 10 minutes shower to 20 circles in the pool. Thus you will stay safe at the beach, pool and beyond.

Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

Heart rate tracking:

The Fitbit Versa comes with PurePulse heart rate tracking technology. Throughout this technology, you can monitor calorie burn, customize attempt during exercises, track your heart rate trends, and find your cardio fitness level.

Women’s Health

If you own Fitbit Versa, knowing how to record and monitor everything that happens with your period and their respective symptoms is simple.

Also, you can compare your menstrual cycle with other health metrics, such as your level of activity, weight, and quality of sleep.

This, thanks to the application of the menstruation and ovulation calendar integrated into this smartwatch.

Wireless synchronization & different exercise modes:

The Fitbit smartwatch is automatically synchronized with the computer and more than 200 devices. It uses nearly 15 plus exercise modes that allow you to track your daily workouts.

It is compatible with your smartphone GPS for tracking more accurately the pace and distance.


Fitbit Versa shows you the top fitness performances

It allows you to track your heart rate and sleep period 24/7

Different exercise modes (15+) can track your achievements more precisely

It enables you to get access to your apps for weather, sports and more

This will let you get text, call and app alerts for fast replies

It is slim, lightweight and comfortable in design

The anodized aluminum body makes it durable enough

It is water resistant up to 50 meters

SmartTrack technology allows you to track sports and workouts automatically

Female health tracking feature can track periods, symptoms and more

It can store and play 300 plus songs

The Fitbit pay app of this watch allows you to make a smart pay

Battery life is 4 days plus


red-sign-iconIt doesn’t have GPS

red-sign-iconFitbit pay is not compatible with any card of any bank


The Fitbit Versa SmartWatch, One Size is one such device on the market that speaks for itself. Once you afford it, you would notice a significant impact on your physical condition at the end.

4. Fitbit Versa SmartWatch, One Size with S & L Bands review:

The first company that usually comes to mind when talking about wearable technology for health monitoring and exercises is undoubtedly Fitbit. But although this brand reached a predominant place in the fitness industry, it is taking a new direction.

Recently, the company showed interest in expanding its demographics, adding features similar to those of smartwatches to its line of portable devices, and orienting its focus towards a female audience.

A clear example that characterizes this change in strategy is the company’s latest product, called Fitbit Versa. Below you will know the best features of this smartwatch:

Highlighted features:


Fitbit Versa SmartWatch is Comfortable, elegant and lightweight in design which is quite fit everyone, regardless of the size of the wrist. It is a one size smartwatch that has S & L Bands.

It is compatible with both sexes require a size that is not too small, or too large. While at first glance it looks similar to the Fitbit Blaze, the Versa is a more elegant and updated version of its predecessor.

Its quadrangular screen with rounded edges gives it a modern design, which looks elegant enough to use it on any occasion.

Because it has thinner edges around the screen, the information displayed looks more vibrant, and it flows quickly when you scroll through several applications.

Fitbit Versa SmartWatch

Note: If we talk about weight, Fitbit is the lightest metal smartwatch in the USA, something hard to believe because of its larger size.

New smart features:

You did not spend much time playing with the functions, but you verified that the Fitbit OS operating system of the Versa works without problems when you slide through its interface.

Thanks to a new custom panel, the same metrics that are normally accessed in the mobile application are now also available through the screen.

This includes physical condition data such as the number of steps, resting heart rate trends, and exercise summaries.

Later this year, users will also be able to customize their smartwatch even more, with the ability to record food and mood, as well as reminders to take medications.

Also, all applications that are downloaded from the Fitbit App Gallery are accessible from the screen.

Fitbit Pay:

The Versa also has an NFC chip built into its special edition smartwatches. That means you can use the device to make contactless payments, in locations compatible with Fitbit Pay.

Connecting with your phone:

The new smartwatch features enable you to see alerts on your phone. These are including text messages, phone calls, app notifications, and calendar competitions, among others.

In our test, the text messages appeared at the top of the screen in the form of a small poster, which showed the message and the person who sent it, before disappearing.

Notifications can be modified according to your preferences. Android users will be able to send quick replies to text messages and messaging applications.

Note: However, due to Apple’s closed ecosystem, iPhone users cannot respond to message notifications, although Fitbit says it is working to include that feature in the future.

Monitoring of women’s health

In addition to the new connection capabilities and additional fitness features, it is clear that Fitbit is using Versa to attract more women to its demographic.

With the monitoring of women’s health through the Fitbit application, women can easily record their periods, track ovulation, and discover different patterns in their cycle.

Heart rate monitor

The Versa heart rate recorder opens some of Fitbit’s best features. These are including sleep monitoring, calories burned, heart rate tracking, and cardiovascular training calculation.

Note: In my opinion, it is a thoughtfully well designed and highly motivating service that no other brand of fitness tracker offers.


Fitbit Versa SmartWatch is best-known health and fitness device

It allows you to track sleep, heart rate and activity

It has built-in NFC chip to make secure payments

You can track your daily performances 24/7

It is lightweight, slim and comfortable in design

The anodized aluminum body ensures high durability

It has 15 plus exercise modes (like run or swim) to record exercises

It is compatible with smartphone GPS

Fitbit Versa has apps for weather, sports and more

You can store and play 300 plus songs

SmartTrack technology allows you to track sports and performances automatically

Female health tracking apps will enable you to track periods, symptoms and more

Battery life is up to 4 days or more


red-sign-iconIt doesn’t have built-in GPS

red-sign-iconFitbit Versa has a little less battery life than Ionic


Finally, Fitbit Versa would be an excellent choice for the casual walker to the most dedicated runner, cyclist, swimmer, or serious gym assistant. Hope you have smart exercising experience with this smart device by Fitbit.

5. Fitbit Alta HR review:

Despite the enormous competition present in the market, Fitbit continues to renew its catalog. Today it’s the turn of its new wearable model, the Fitbit Alta HR, of which the company presumes to have put all the meat on the spit to get its best device so far.

We have spent a season with her, squeezing it to the maximum from a standard user who seeks to improve their physical condition in different aspects, and under that premise, or we will tell what result this wearable has given us.

Highlighted features:

The Fitbit Alta HR fitness wristband is an excellent choice for monitoring regular steps, heartbeat and more. It is a standalone and popular fitness device on the wrist. You can stay active and track your exercises via SmartTrack technology of this watch. It is also compatible with a smartphone to monitor your daily workouts.

Design and activity:

When it comes to looks, the Fitbit Alta HR is a classic fitness tracker. It’s an elegant and elegant design that shows the world that you’re keeping in shape without making everyone worry that you get bored with your latest training tips.

Also, it is designed to track heart rate, calorie burn, and measure workout strength. This will let you an image of your total health without an uneasy chest strap.

Sleep tracking with sleep period:

Fitbit Alta HR is a versatile fitness tracker that can automatically record how long you sleep. It displays your time spent in deep, light, and REM sleeps. Also, it comes with a silent alarm that helps you to wake up more tranquility.

Fitbit Alta HR Watch


The display of this Fitbit Alta HR is OLED, bright, and clear. You can get immediate access to time, stats, and smartphone notifications.

Auto exercise identification:

Fitbit Alta HR features SmartTrack technology. Throughout this technology, you can automatically track and logs performances or exercises to the Fitbit dashboard. Therefore you find credit without ever pressing a button.

Smartphone notifications:

The Fitbit Alta HR smartwatch is compatible with a smartphone. It keeps you connected with text, call, and calendar alerts on the screen. Thus you can always get the messages that allow you to give a quick reply.

Track your goals & interact with friends

This device helps you to track your progress and set your goals. Also, this will allows you to connect with friends and share your milestones. It features a unique Fitbit app which helps you to get customized fitness coaching.


Fitbit Alta HR is known as the top-notch fitness tracker on the wrist

It is slim lightweight and comfortable in design

The PurePulse heart rate measuring technology allows you to track calorie burn

It allows you to track automatically the time you spent in deep, light and REM sleep

It syncs automatically and wirelessly to Android, iPhone and windows gadgets

The display is bright, clear and customizable

SmartTrack technology tracks your daily workouts

This watch allows you to receive calls, text, and notifications on screen

The battery life is up to 7 days


red-sign-iconIt doesn’t allow you to swim

red-sign-iconThe display is not clear enough to read in the direct sun


Finally, with the Fitbit Alta HR on the wrist, we can say that it is a complete device & that in design, comfort, and autonomy, it is a worthwhile investment.It would be the top choice for those who want to track sleep, constant HR, total calorie burns, or get alerted to texts & calls.

6. Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband review:

If you want to get the top selling smartwatch by Fitbit, then you can buy the Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband. It is an improvement in every way overcharge FR.

With heart rate, sleep, exercise tracking, and much more, the Fitbit Charge 2 is an excellent wearable that would not break the bank. Let’s see the top-notch features of Charge 2 by Fitbit below:

Highlighted features:

Design and display:

The design of Fitbit Charge 2 is almost the same as the other Fitbit watches. It seems little like the Fitbit Surge and Charge HR. Charge 2 offers a larger screen than the Charge HR.

Heart Rate Tracking:

The screen is not color, but it is an OLED display. The messages that the Charge 2 provides is easy to read. Also, it comes with a touch screen, which is a first for the charge limit.


Fitbit charge 2 is made for walking and running. Also, it tracks sleep and has leaded breathing time for meditation. Automatically it can track specific exercises and give the users notifications that it is time to move again.

Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband Watch

Advance features

The Fitbit charge 2 can successfully measure the number of calories burned, track the total of active minutes and floors climbed.

It comes with a built-in heart rate monitor to track the heart rate and breathing period of the user. Also, it has a stopwatch for meditation and relaxation.

Charge 2 can measure sleep length and quality. It features a vibrating alarm to wake up the users. The customized cardio fitness score helps customers set targets and measures their instant fitness level so they can continually improve.


The accuracy of Fitbit is excellent and comparable to fitness tracking gadgets. The heart track works better and offers the same readings to different devices when sitting or walking.

The total steps and distance taken are accurate. Accuracy will be lower in high elevation and high temperatures.


The Charge 2 watch is compatible with Smartphone for calls, text, and calendar events. Also, it connects to the app for data monitoring and goal setting on 200 plus different gadgets.

It is compatible with Windows, iPhone, and Android. The syncing is automatic and wireless by Bluetooth and works in a range up to 30 ft.


Charge 2 by Fitbit is more flexible and comfortable to use. It is less bulky than the previous version, the charge HR but bulkier and larger than the Flex 2.

You need to wear it tightly on your wrist to track the pulse. Also, you need to wear the watch loosely to turn the face around the wrist.

Battery life:

The Fitbit Charge 2 comes with a lithium-ion battery that can last up to 5 days. The Fitbit declares charging the battery every few days so that monitoring can be constant. The battery needs an hour or two to charge. It comes to a charging cable as well.


It is a stainless steel touchscreen smartwatch

It can track your heart rate by using Google Fit

The entire battery life is 24 hour (based on use)

It is swim proof watch for the money

Google Fit feature offers you better health training

It has built-in fitness tracker and also touch screen functionality

This will enable you to make calls, texts, and emails

It has Google Pay option to make a payment like a credit card

It has a battery saving mode that can increase the battery life

The untethered GPS allows you to track the pace distance while you are on running

The customizable watch faces, LED flashlight, and wireless syncing makes is the best choice to the user


red-sign-iconWear OS is good but not like the Apple watch

red-sign-iconSome customers will never satisfy with the battery life


If you want to have a top rated and most recommended fitness watch for good reason, then you can easily depend on the Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband.

7. Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker review:

Fitbit attacks again with a new smartwatch that fuses the concepts of fitness activity tracking on the wrist for everyday use: Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker. It is an excellent upgrade by Fitbit that comes with loads of features. Let’s take a look at the Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Tracker review:

Highlighted features:

Design and display:

Fitbit Charge 3 fitness activity tracker is an excellent upgrade from its predecessor, especially when it comes to the hardware.

It comes with the same screen (rectangular) and band design as found on its previous version, Charge 2, but the design has reformed & changed somewhat.

The Charge 3 is lighter and thinner in design that seems little less heavy on the wrist. It uses aluminum instead of stainless steel in its construction that makes it 20% lighter.

Another latest update offered by Fitbit Charge 3 is its strap design. It comes with a 40% larger screen than the Charge 2.

Fitness Activity Tracker Watch


The game-changing feature of this third generation Fitbit watch is its waterproofing. The Fitbit Charge 2 was only water resistant that can manage some splashes when you did the washing up or sweat when exercising.

Nevertheless, this time Fitbit ensures that Charge 3 can track your swimming as well. Although remember that this is only true for pool swimming not for open water swimming.

Sensors & sleep:

The Fitbit Charge 3 comes with SpO2 sensor like Ionic & Versa smartwatches for measuring blood oxygenation levels. Fitbit also allows you to experience breathing interruption when you sleep.

The heart rate and SpO2 sensors of Charge 3 allow the user to measure the sleep quality & rate it out of 100. Fitbit also let you diagnose the sleep apnea by using the SpO2 sensor as well.

The Charge 3 by Fitbit can provide Sleep Score Beta contributors life-changing health knowledge by using SpO2 sensor.

Battery Life:

The feature that drives Fitbit ahead of the competition is its battery life. Charge 3 offers up to a week of fitness notifications & tracking on a single charge. After three days & workouts, the watch shows still 68 percent charges.


Best fitness activity tracker for the money

Heart rate tracking for 24/7

Successfully calculate the calorie burn

It offers 15 plus exercise mode including bike, swim, run, yoga, etc.

Getting accurate data of your daily workouts

Record the time you spent in deep, light, and REM sleep stages automatically

Display health insights, activity trends and customized guidance on your wrist

Water resistant and swim proof up to 50 meters

Compatible with smartphone GPS

Helps you to stay connected with an app to get text, call, and notifications

Battery life is up to 7 days


red-sign-iconIt doesn’t have built-in GPS

red-sign-iconHeart rate monitoring is a little poor


If you are a swimmer and demands in-depth sleep tracking in a device that can last a week on a charge, the Charge 3 by Fitbit is a noticeable upgrade. I would highly recommend it.

8. Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband review:

One of the most fashionable items in recent years is the activity Wristband. With an activity Wristband, you are much more aware of your day to day, of what you move, the calories you spend.

This will also allow you to know how much you sleep, and ultimately, if you are leading the healthy life, you would like. That is why, today, you cannot miss the offer in the Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband.

Highlighted features:


The design is successful and elegant, and the truth is that it is an activity Wristband that you can wear with dignity on your wrist.

The Fitbit Charge HR is available in a good range of colors. The OLED screen also matches the color of the band. That OLED screen is monochrome, and is really sharp and easy to read, even though its size is not excessively large.

It will show you the time, the steps we take daily, the distance traveled, calories or the stairs climbed and, of course, the heart rate.

We are going to move through all this information thanks to the button that is located to the left of the Wristband.

Fitbit Wireless Wristband Watch


The Fitbit Charge HR records all the usual statistics in this type of activity quantifiers, but this time, we will also have heart rate data. It will track your steps and calories per day and control sleep at night.

Unlike other devices, do not put it in “night mode” to begin to quantify the quality of your sleep: automatically notice that your heart rate decreases and will take into account to start the measurements.

The Fitbit Charge HR also allows you to keep track of the daily exercise, and by keeping the button on the left pressed, you can put it in “stopwatch mode” to start tracking your training sessions.

Activity monitor:

The Fitbit Charge HR mainly controls steps and calories. The number of steps recorded can be a bit above what we actually give, but what is essential is that the measurement remains constant over time so that you can trust their statistics.

It has no GPS integrated so that the pursuit of races or cycling will never be precise in terms of distance or pace.

But undoubtedly the strong point of this activity Wristband is its ability to control the heart rate, which makes it perfect for getting accurate data of your workouts in the gym.

Sleep control

Sleep tracking is done automatically. It’s a simple follow-up. The graph of the app shows a blue block, which is the duration of the dream. The total sleep time appears in the application, along with the other statistics of the day.


Advanced activity wristband for the money

Track the heart rate and workouts

Measure calories burned, floors climbed, distance and steps

Automatically track your sleep and wake you up with a silent alarm

Displays call notifications and daily data

The OLED display shows the time of the day

Water resistant

Sync stats automatically and wirelessly to your PC and 150 plus Smartphones

Gives you the motivation during workouts


red-sign-iconDo not wear it during sleep

red-sign-iconNot recommended to shower with it


The Fitbit Charge HR activity wristband is one of the best models that we will be able to find right now, especially for those who want to monitor their training in the gym or who simply want to monitor their daily activity exhaustively. It is well worth the money.

9. Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch review:

When it comes to fitness wearable and trackers Fitbit has become a household name. Fitbit manufactures some quality fitness trackers nowadays. The Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch is one such quality device which is much more former than the latter.

Highlighted features:


Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch helps you to get fit in style. If you want to maximize your daily workout, then Fitbit Blaze might be your smart fitness device.

It features advanced technology with a versatile design. It is mainly designed for tracking workouts, monitoring your performance data, and measures your development.

Heart rate tracking:

The constant PurePulse technology helps you to track heart rate. It features multi-sport modes that increase your daily exercise. Also, the GPS & FitStar workouts on your wrist help you to take your fitness to the following level.

Sleep tracking and smartphone notifications:

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

The Fitbit Blaze is best known for its all-day activity and sleep tracking feature. This watch is compatible with smartphone reminders & notifications.

Thus you can stay connected with text, call, calendar alerts & notifications from your popular apps like Facebook, Gmail, and more.

Advance features:

The Fitbit Blaze comes with identical band and frames. It features a customizable clock faces on the color display that personalizes your style for every experience.

Fitbit Blaze offers you all on your wrist that need to reach your target. You can track distance, steps, floors climbed, calories burned, and active minutes.


Top-notch fitness watch for the money

Compatible with smartphone GPS to map your routes

PurePulse technology can track heart rate without a chest strap

SmartTrack technology can track and record exercise for you

Multisport modes for displaying real data on the display

Customizable clock faces

Allow you to track sleep

Battery life is up to 5 days


red-sign-iconIt doesn’t have any built-in GPS

red-sign-iconIt is not water resistant


The Fitbit Blaze is a reasonable option for those runners or someone who wants to stay fit in style. It would be an excellent device for the money to the users.

10. Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate & Fitness Tracker review:

For some time now, we had brought you no complete analysis of a Fitbit activity wristband. You are in luck! Today we bring you a novelty: Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate & Fitness Tracker.

This Fitness Tracker comes with a few new functions and features. Let’s see the review of this Fitbit Inspire HR below:

Highlighted feature:

Design and display:

The design of Fitbit Inspire HR is quite attractive; in fact, it is one of the most beautiful activity wristbands you can find right now in the market.

Also, from its visual appeal, Fitbit Inspire HR is much better than Fitbit Charge 3. In fact, it is also lighter and thinner than Fitbit Charge 3.

Fitbit Inspire HR comes with an OLED touch screen that displays data. It does not show, then, the color data. The screen navigation is done by combining the use of the touch screen and a button located on the side.

Fitbit Heart Rate & Fitness Tracker Watch

Sleep analysis

Fitbit activity wristbands have always incorporated this function of sleep analysis. The night rest is essential, during sleep; we store the memories and prepare for the next day.

According to experts, an adult needs at least 6 hours of sleep per day, although 7 would be recommended. Fitbit Inspire HR is no exception and allows registering your nightly rest.

In particular, you can know data such as the total duration of sleep, light sleep time, deep sleep, and REM phase. To see the statistics, synchronize your monitor with the Fitbit app.

In addition to the statistics mentioned above, Fitbit Inspire HR allows other functions such as setting sleep goals or a reminder or warning to go to bed.


Fitbit Inspire HR is water resistant up to 50 meters. Therefore, you can use Fitbit to Inspire HR in water activities such as swimming in the pool or playing Water Polo.


GPS is another of the key functions when deciding on the purchase of a specific activity tracker. Here it is essential that the monitor has integrated GPS and that the system is accurate. Unfortunately, Fitbit Inspire HR does not have integrated GPS.

However, Fitbit Inspire HR does allow you to connect to the GPS of your mobile phone to register data related to your position. The precision, therefore, will depend on the GPS of your smartphone.

Battery life:

You have already reached the autonomy of the battery, one of the crucial aspects when deciding to buy an activity wristband. In effect, you do not want to spend all day waiting for the charger.

The longer the battery lasts, the better. In the case of the battery life of Fitbit Inspire HR, there is no significant news. Fitbit does not stand out precisely because of the autonomy of its devices, neither for good nor for the hand.

Up to 5 days is the maximum duration promised by the Fitbit Inspire HR. However, as always, the final duration will depend on the intensity of use and other factors.


Top choice for Sleep and activity tracking

Allows you to receive text, call and calendar alerts

It is Water resistant up to 50 meter

Heart rate tracking for 24/7

Compatible with smartphone GPS for tracking real time and distance

It features multi-sports (15 plus) modes

SmartTrack technology allows for tracking walks, runs, swims and more

Measure the calories burn and track sleep automatically

Battery life is up to 5 days


red-sign-iconFitbit Inspire HR does not have integrated GPS

red-sign-iconBattery life is a little poor


In general, Fitbit Inspire HR is a good option. It seems that the company has understood that much of the public prefers activity wearable with a reduced price.

Fitbit Watch vs. Apple Watch: Which should you buy?

Fitbit Watch

Fitbit is known as the quality fitness tracker with loads of features and functions. It comes with excellent battery life and works with both Android and iPhone.


  • On-screen workouts
  • Battery life is up to 4 days
  • Customizable watch faces
  • High-quality fitness tracker
  • Female health tracking smartwatch
  • Compatible with Smartphone GPS


  • Poor app store
  • No built-in GPS
  • No replies on iPhone.

Apple Watch:

Apple Watch is known as the best device on the market. It features an incredible app ecosystem. You make simple your performances to instant notifications. It would be your ultimate device for your healthy life.


  • Siri support
  • Onboard GPS
  • Apple Music streaming
  • Strong app ecosystem
  • Plenty of workout options
  • The best smartwatch on the market
  • Allow you to make a call from your watch


  • Battery life is little Poor
  • More costly than others

Fitbit and Apple smartwatch fit into two very different classes. Fitbit is fitness focused & Apple Watch is smarts focused. They are more identical than you might perceive. Both offer better fitness trackers, an app ecosystem, and notifications.

FAQ (frequently asked and questions)

1. Is Fitbits accurate?

Well, the Fitbit watches are accurate enough for those who want to have an average idea of their fitness performance.

Although fitbits are not entirely accurate, they provide enough knowledge to let you know whether you everyday performances are decreasing or increasing, you ultimate sleep quality, heart rate at resting condition and where you travel during your runs.

Fitbit never accurately targets the eye of the bull, but they could assist you to promote your fitness.

According to research, “if you are a Fitbit user, you need to wear the watch a few inches above the wrist to get the most accurate result.” Another study reports that Fitbit Smartwatch Charge HR shows you the most accurate results.”

2. What all does a Fitbit do?

The Fitbit is designed to track your physical workout and combines with software that inspires you to be more & more active.

This physical workout tracker can help you to take a balanced diet, sleep better, and in time. Overall it could be your best smart device that allows you to become a healthier human being.

3. How accurate is Fitbit heart rate?

Garmin, Fitbit, and other customer heart rate tracks are more and more being used in clinical tests. The issue is, they do not always show an accurate result.

According to the study of (the most extensive clinical database around the world) reveals almost 200 tests, including Fitbit smartwatches.

However, manufacturers of customer heart rate tracks claim that they are not considered for medical purposes.

For instance, Fitbit says that their wearable is not a medical device, and accuracy of Fitbit watch is not engineered to correspond to medical devices.

4. How accurate is Fitbit for sleep?

According to the study of Fitbit, wrist-worn gadgets like smartwatches and fitness bands can track sleep stages (from light to deep and REM).

For example, Fitbit Alt offers its users some fresh sleep data. In the research, 24 female, 36 male and 60 adults, were experienced three watches to wear during sleep stage research.

Two fitness devices were fastened to their right & left wrists. Doctors for sleep apneas have claimed the type three devices. The fitness watch has a 3D acidometer to track movement and a photoplethysmogram for tracking cardiac activity.

According to Fitbit, they researched data from more than 4 billion nights of sleep periods across its consumer’s data and claimed its consequences supported sleep scientists hypothesis.

However, a study of Stanford University, Fitbits is entirely consistent in their readings but not precise.

5. How do you know if your Fitbit is precise?

The watches by Fitbit are quite better at measuring your step count.

But if you have shorter or longer legs than average for your height or a shorter or longer stride than the average for people with the same body, your step count by Fitbit may be off by a little.

You can manually enter your step length into the Fitbit app. Here is how:

  • Go to the reach of ground such as a route, where you calculate the distance from one side to another.
  • Open an Account on the lower right side of your screen in the Fitbit app
  • Open Advanced Settings
  • Open Advanced Settings
  • Automatically turn off Set
  • Enter the running & walking step lengths that you measured

6. Does a Fitbit tell time?

Fitbit is giving up no feature behind with its modern wristband fitness and activity tracker. For example, the Fitbit Flex packs with all the features and altimeter to track the steps you have climbed and a display that shows the time & other data.

7. Does a Fitbit tell you how many calories you burn?

Yes, it does. A Fitbit Smartwatch can assist you roughly how many calories you burn throughout any given workouts and can make a snapshot of your total daily & weekly cost.

According to the study, FitBits can offer you a calculation of how many calories you have burned but are not always accurate.

8. How do I make my Fitbit heart rate more accurate?

Follow the steps to get the most precise heart rate reading.

  • Move it up. Because blood increases more up your arm, wear your device up on your wrist to develop heart rate sign during exercises
  • Keep it safe and keep stable for10 seconds

9. Does Fitbit help lose weight?

If you want to personalize your calorie burn goals, fibit allow you to do that. Also, it is giving a machine-driven to calculate what you eat, how often your workouts, but neglect the calories taken and burned.

According to the study, Fitbit works better to lose weight. For example, Fitbit Flex 2, Fitbit Charge 2, Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Ionic, etc.


If you are one who is struggling to get time for exercise when dealing with a full-time job or you are a woman who is dedicated at the gym, there is the best Fitbit smartwatch to suit the way you live.

However, different persons have different choices according to their needs. Some of the users love the Fitbit inspire due to its natural tracking abilities, versatility, women health tracking, and more.

Some people also love to have a more traditional-looking smart device like Fitbit Versa Smartwatch that still has fitness features, including women health tracking, too.

A fitness wearable needs to be something personal to you & comfortable when still being stylish and practical. Fitbit has always beaten the impression in all of those classes.

Finally, all of the watches by Fitbit mentioned above are well researched. You can buy any one of these Best Fitbit smartwatches.