Best Smartwatch: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The smartwatch world is burning, and you wonder what smartwatch to buy. The manufacturers are continuously taking new models, and before such an ample supply, you can have doubts about which smartwatch to choose.

Although smartwatches do not enjoy the popularity of smartphones, every day more users are launched to try these wearables that were born under the promise of replacing the mobile phone but that today are still a compliment, except for some notable exception.

This article is not intended to be a purchase guide limited to pure and hard specifications, but we will try to reflect on some frequently asked questions so that you can get a depth idea about a smartwatch.

A smartwatch is a gadget with modern features; for example, the capacity to link & synchronize with a smartphone. Also, smartwatches can install certain apps and even take photos, make phone calls, and record videos.

In a modern smartwatch, you will get accelerometer, altimeter, barometer, compass, gyroscope, and heart rate monitor. It also comes with GPS, microphone, speaker, geo-magnetometer, and memory card slot. You can connect your smartwatch with Bluetooth, WiFi, and NFC.

A stand-alone smartwatch is a device that enables you to use a SIM-card. This way, you can get the functionalities of a smartphone on your wrist, for example, receiving & making calls, receiving & sending texts, organizing events, etc.

Basically, they are recommended to those who practice sports every day and want to enjoy apps like those that enable calculating distance or beats. Also, they are best for those who need to encourage doing workouts or wanting to monitor their sleep stages.

Can you recall the last time you took your phone & did only one thing? Smartwatch is suitable for those who don’t like to carry a mobile phone.

Yes, the modern smartwatch is waterproof although they use electronic elements. They have produced qualities to that of regular watches.

It is better to review the features of the product before buying a smartwatch to know the range to which that particular model is waterproof.

Because a smartwatch is a device that is worn & in close to the skin, they frequently have sensor technology made in as quality. Today the most common sensors on the market including skin temperature sensors, GPS, heart rate sensor, capacitive sensor, light sensor, galvanic skin sensors, etc.

All these help you to track your health & fitness needs. The sensors found in a particular watch will rely on which model you would like to purchase.

  • Go to the Google play store
  • Download the android wear app on your smartphone
  • Then pair it with your smartwatch
  • Sign in to the app on your phone
  • Select quick balance settings from the menu
  • Also, select which account you would like to allow for Quick Balance
  • Click the Quick Balance on your smartwatch to get an everyday balance update
  • When the set up is complete, use “OK Google” voice commands you can restore your daily balance updates on a smartwatch

Currently, two operating systems dominate over the rest. It’s about watchOS and Wear OS. The first is the operating system of Apple’s smartwatches. Since their models are usually the best sellers, it is the most widespread. The second is Android and the one used by most other manufacturers.

However, lately, some manufacturers have decided to give up the Wear OS. This is because it is a system that has been a bit stagnant. Thus, manufacturers such as Samsung or Fitbit have opted to develop their own operating system to ensure that their devices offer better performance.

1. See the time and date

It is so evident that it needs no further explanation. But yes, you will see them in a stylish clock and very technologically advanced.

2. Receive notifications

In this case, you can ask yourself, what is a smartwatch for if I already have my mobile phone? Well, let’s see. Probably the notifications are the essential feature in these moments of a smartwatch.

Whether it’s email, a call, SMS, social networks or any other compatible application event you have on your phone, you will not have to take it out of your pocket, unlock it, or pick it up at the lounge table if you’re on the phone.

But, also, you can answer – even phone calls – if the model allows it and is what you want. Indeed, it is an extraordinarily useful feature.

3. Know where you have to go to a place:

Your new smartwatch probably has GPS, and this will allow you to guide you to the restaurant that you have been recommended.

You will only have to look at your wrist and not have to go to the phone screen while walking. More comfortable is impossible, and you avoid the risks of it falling to the ground or losing it among the crowd on a Saturday night.

Of course, in the car will always be better the larger screen of a phone adequately attached to the support if we want to see a map, but we will not need to do it if the smartwatch has voice functions since it will guide us.

4. Make the shopping list:

A more convenient option than to take a sheet of paper or the smartphone to the store with the shopping list by hand is to use one of the compatible applications for smartwatches that serve for this type of function.

With the smartphone, it was “all in the palm of your hand,” and now it will be “everything with the turn of your wrist.” A smartwatch serves to have both hands free.

5. Pay the purchase:

And since we have bought what we need we will have to pay to be let out of the super. Some smartwatch models have an NFC chip that can be used to pay in establishments that have this system.

Similarly, using PayPal or the credit card are options to consider. Much easier, simpler, faster and more convenient than taking 5 inches of phone or pocket wallet to do so. Although, indeed, this type of functionality is more of a promise than a reality.

6. Measure your sporting results:

If you like to play sports, your smartwatch is a device that can help you. There are multiple applications designed to assess sports performance by measuring the distance traveled or counting the calories consumed.

If you used a specific wristband device or your smartphone with a ribbon on your arm, you could replace it with your versatile smartwatch.

7. Listen to music:

A smartwatch also serves to listen to music. In certain situations, it can be very comfortable to enjoy your music through the watch, either using a Bluetooth headset or its built-in speaker if you have it.

Imagine that you walk around the house doing homework and do not want to turn on your stereo or go carrying the smartphone everywhere; So calm, because your favorite songs will accompany you on your wrist wherever you go.

8. Take pictures and video:

Look what else you can do with one of these watches! Indeed, it will not replace your camera, and, perhaps, not even your phone, but at certain times, it can be a handy option to consider.

Although the quality of these functions depends on the model; For example, the Samsung Gear 2 has a resolution of 2 MP and can record HD video at 1280 × 720 and 30 fps. Amazing!

9. Call by phone & connect to the internet:

Yes, precisely, more and more models are coming onto the market with the possibility of incorporating a SIM card that allows you to make phone calls without depending on the smartphone as well as using the associated data rate.

Also, those with WiFi offer the option to use this type of connection to use the internet with the advantages that come with speed and reservation of the data of our rate.

1. Stay online:

Smartphones indeed keep you connected always. But how many times have you missed an urgent call because you do not listen to your phone or simply because you are in the middle of a meeting where you cannot see the screen of our mobile.

When choosing a smartwatch, that problem ends immediately because you will not miss the notifications of important messages and calls.

2. You want to have a more discreet team than a smartphone:

It is not that smartwatches come to replace smartphones completely, but they are an alternative to stay connected without looking rude.

Whether during a meeting or if you are doing exercises, it will be much more comfortable, discreet and functional to have a smartwatch on your wrist than a mobile phone that you do not know where to put.

3. You are a lover of technology and functionality:

If you are one seeking to improve the functionality of your equipment, which is always requiring new and better features that are accompanied by technology, you are the perfect candidate to buy a smartwatch.

But you also know that you should buy a smartwatch if you are a professional and you are looking to optimize your time and resources, you are an athlete who wants to keep track of their progress and vital functions, or simply love innovation and enjoy the best equipment on the market.

It is advisable to purchase devices such as smartwatches in authorized stores that offer excellent quality models. So you can start by looking at electronics stores or specialized brand stores. You can also search the electronic sections of department stores such as Walmart.

Online sales platforms are one of the significant advantages that came in the 21st century. So you can choose to check pages like Amazon, eBay, which are online stores. It is probably Amazon who has the greatest variety and the best offers in the internet market.


The benefits and applications of smartwatches do not stop growing. In this way, it is not difficult to imagine that the popularity of these devices will continue to increase. It is true, however, that its presence in our day to day is still minimal compared to the omnipresence of mobile

Also, to all this, we must add the close relationship of smartwatches with the so-called Internet of Things (IoT). Thus, it is not surprising that new models with new features do not stop appearing. That which is still great news makes it more complicated to choose what smartwatch to buy.

We think that this guide about “best smartwatch frequently asked questions” can make your task much more comfortable. Thank you.