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Smartwatches Buying Guide – What You Need To Know About

In addition to synchronizing with the mobile and receiving notifications, smartwatches offer a record of sports activity or quality of sleep. Nowadays, the popularity of these smartwatches has grown so much.

It is enough to take a look at online stores or websites of manufacturers to see that there are dozens of proposals to choose from that adapt to all tastes, needs, and pockets. In fact, the range of options extends more and more: there are with GPS, sports programs, compatible with NFC payment …

This is also noticeable in the sales figures: according to a study carried out by the consultancy Strategy Analytics, sales of smartwatches reached 45 million units worldwide last year.

Today, throughout the entire post, you will know some key points that can make your smartwatch buying process easy enough. So please stay with us until the end of this article. Read on…

Things to know about smartwatch:

You know that a smartwatch has many features that you love, but some attract you more than others, or you find it more useful. Let’s make a list of the most important ones.

1. Notifications:

It is one of the most valuable benefits of a smartwatch because it keeps us abreast of what happens in our connected environment without having to consult the smartphone. You do not have to worry because all the models have the function of notifying.

Some implement it for a more significant number of applications (social networks, for example) or allow you to respond directly to messages. But practically any model will provide you with some notification.

2. Location:

The location function through GPS is very appreciated by athletes who use applications to monitor their performance. It is also a beneficial function to guide you in an area that you do not know to reach a destination.

Consider the importance for you of the location to choose a smartwatch that carries GPS, such as the Fitbit Watch, Garmin Watch, or Apple Watch that has it integrated or another model that uses the wireless connection.

3. Listen to music & answer calls:

If you intend to listen to music from your watch or answer phone calls, your smartwatch to buy must have a built-in speaker and microphone. The microphone may also be necessary to dictate orders to the smartwatch to answer a message, for example.

4. Autonomous use:

In case you prefer that your smartwatch is practically independent of the smartphone to make calls, manage your social networks, or send messages, you should be able to include a SIM card.

Many smartwatches come prepared to insert this type of card, which in addition to allowing a telephone use can also offer data connection, so you can leave home without your mobile phone.

5. Photo camera:

Some models have a built-in camera to take pictures without the need of the phone. Although at this time, we can not expect the quality offered by a mid-range smartphone, it can fulfill an auxiliary photographic function at certain times.

The smartwatch with a camera possibly becomes common in most devices as it happens now with smartphones.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of smartwatches?

Part of the popularity that smartwatches are acquiring is due to the advantages they offer. Not surprisingly, smartwatches allow you to have some of the functionalities of mobile phones on your wrist. Besides, with them, you can monitor your physical condition when you practice sports.

On the contrary, they still have some downsides that do not favor their use. Most depend on smartphones, so they end up being mere accessories of these.

Also, the autonomy of its battery is quite reduced, being necessary to recharge it habitually, although not with as much frequency as one of the mobiles.


  • They allow counting on the wrist with some of the features of mobile phones.
  • With smartwatches, you can monitor your physical condition when you train.
  • Notifications are accessed much faster. It is not necessary to take the phone out of your pocket and unlock it to see them.
  • They help reduce the consumption of the mobile phone battery.
  • Some models allow payments to be made in stores.


  • In general, they depend on a smartphone to perform most of their functions.
  • Its battery has much less autonomy than the battery of a regular watch.
  • They have fewer features than a smart mobile phone.


Smartwatches are devices that have the design and functions of a traditional watch but incorporate an operating system that gives them greater functionality and compatibility with various devices.

Wearing a smartwatch helps you to stay forefront of the latest technological devices. We hope this article helps you know the key aspects when it comes to buying the best Smartwatches out on the market. Thanks for reading this article.