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Samsung Smartwatch – Find Your Watch, Opinion, and Evidence

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Samsung Watch

Are you looking to buy a smartwatch? Or don’t you have an iPhone? Well, don’t worry today we will let you introduce with the best Samsung smartwatch that can meet your needs. The Samsung company has several models in its portfolio, ideal for different situations, but in absolute terms, there is a clear winner.

Although, there were users who did not know why the companies encouraged people to have an extension of the watch-shaped mobile phone, but smartwatches have become essential companions for many. Apple is the leading brand in smartwatch sales, but Samsung doesn’t throw in the towel and has several exciting models in the market.

Today, Samsung has some top-notch models in the market. The Samsung Galaxy Active is the most recent; a sports smartwatch that replaces the Gear Sport and that has a design that does not limit it to the sports plane. On the other hand, Samsung has the Galaxy Watch, which picks up the Samsung Gear witness.

However, they are not the only wearables of the company, and then we tell you the best Smartwatch by Samsung. If you are serious about knowing why you should go for a Samsung smartwatch, then stay with us to find the latest models they offer. Stay tuned…

Best Samsung smartwatch review:

Samsung Watch

If you want to select the right Samsung smartwatch from the large selection available in the market, use our list of the best options. We have checked hundreds of products and have chosen the best Samsung smartwatch for all tastes.

All the Samsung smartwatches from the list below are presented in the market. We listed them because they offer loads of convenient features. For example, reviews of genuine consumers and a detailed description of the product. Let’s take a look at the details about our top selections below:

1. Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch review:

Editor’s Choice: The Samsung Galaxy Watch is the first choice in our review list. It is one of the grand smartwatches manufactured and marketed by Samsung. Thanks to its superb design, connecting user interface and, most significantly, the long-lasting battery life. If you are a huge fan of a stylish wristwatch, then you can opt for the Galaxy Smartwatch by Samsung.

Highlighted features:

A smartwatch that looks like a traditional watch or that distinguishes itself? Classic or sporty style? It seems that Samsung is committed to neutrality in these aspects, and we see it in the analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch. It comes with loads of features. Let’s discuss the top-notch highlights of this smart device.


A Galaxy watch is more for all users in style or design.So far Samsung smartwatches have opted for circular spheres, and this remains unchanged in the Samsung Galaxy Watch, leaving the square for the Apple Watch and more in the design of a regular watch.

There are three box colors available. But the design lines are the same. These are including a flat, matte & dull finish, crowned by a crown (worth the luxuriance) that will help to meet with it.

It is not the lightest either, but it is not heavy throughout the day. Yes, it shows a little when running with it if we compare it with other watches and sports wristbands.

Size and screen:

The Galaxy smartwatch has two different sizes. The first one is 46mm in size (silver & black color), and another is 42mm (Rose Gold or Black color).


With the latest auto-tracked exercises, the Samsung Galaxy Watch leaves more significance on fitness.  Walking, Cycling, running, and progressive workout for activities that you never need to worry about operating ahead of time.

Samsung Galaxy SmartWatch

For instance, always we exercised for 10 minutes the Watch would dependably & often accidentally start the workout tracker that we forgot to switch on when quickly navigating the streets.

Always it was excellent to have these prompts and to understand that the Galaxy Watch by Samsung was preserving a record of our steps, distance and calories burned. The Galaxy Watch can track 39 exercises; including 21 indoor workouts & strength-training workouts.

Software and apps:

The Galaxy Watch by Samsung comes with elegant software and apps. Samsung recommended two software benefits at the start & delivered:

1. Tizen is up to 60,000 watch faces, offering your options over styling

2. And its cooperation with Spotify enables for offline music replay, which is excellent if you are searching to discard your smartphone. But never want to load music manually onto the storage area (4GB).

The Galaxy Watch has no Google Maps, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger app. You can receive notifications for these messages & even reply to them, but beginning a new conversation will detect you are bringing your phone.


Battery life is up to 3 days

It offers stylish watch faces

Water resistant is up to 50 meter

It comes with 4GB internal storage

Military-grade durability makes it super durable

Compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones

Built-in fitness tracking & Bluetooth connection

The wireless charger helps you to power up the Watch

Different color & sizes make it best to the consumers

The Gorilla Glass DX+ makes the display scratch resistant

Galaxy Smartwatch lets you enjoy smarter and stronger life


red-sign-iconNot designed for scuba diving

red-sign-iconNot intended to the diagnosis of disease


If you are looking for a device that can balance your both body and mind, then Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch would be the right choice. We would highly recommend this device.

2. Samsung Gear S3 Classic Smartwatch review:

Editor’s Choice: The Samsung Gear S3 Classic Smartwatch is a huge wearable that comes with all the necessary features you would love to have in a smartwatch. This feature-rich timepiece becomes bolder, more significant, and brilliant in many ways to the consumers. It is a smartwatch that went big in a bid to meet the success of Apple watch 2.

Highlighted features:

Nowadays, Samsung Gear S3 Classic Smartwatch becomes one of the best selling devices out on the market due to its compatibility with Samsung phones. Let’s take a look at the top-notch features of this smart timepiece below:

Design & function:

The Gear S3 Classic is a premium level smartwatch. With a minimal and refined appearance, the Classic is a far-sighted choice. The advanced functions are integrated directly into the design, from the bezel and glass to the button, which makes it easy to use.

Android and iOS Compatible

The Gear S3 Classic Smartwatch by Samsung is highly compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. You can pair your smart Watch via Bluetooth using the Samsung Gear companion app. This app lets to feel free with the Gear S3 Classic.

Turn the bezel:

This Watch let you answer or reject telephone calls, turn off alarms, control the volume and brightness levels of the screen. Browse applications and read emails. All you need to do is turn the circular bezel.

Samsung Gear S3 Classic SmartWatch

Integrated GPS:

Go ahead and leave your phone on your side. Having a GPS built into the Gear S3 implies you know everything. Such as where you are staying now & how intimate you are to the nature. Receive notifications & register your workouts. Concentrate on the game without the weight of the phone.

Songs to take:

Connect the Bluetooth headset & enjoy the songs or enjoy the playlist. Keep the training activities and the trip lively. The Gear S3 has 4 GB of internal memory so you can take the music with you without the weight of the phone.

Connected actively

Whether you run or climb a mountain, the Gear S3 collects the activity data and keeps you in the race. It also alerts you to changes in atmospheric pressure so that you can be aware of climate changes.

Samsung Pay at all times

Now you can buy a bottle of water or remove your clothes through the laundry. Practically anywhere you can use the card, even if you do not have your phone or wallet.

It is possible thanks to the fact that the Gear S3 is compatible with MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) and NFC (Near Field Communication) payment technologies.

Resistant to water and dust

Use the Gear S3 in all kinds of climates, in all kinds of places. It has the IP68 rating, so it can resist dust and dirt and submerge up to 1.5 meters or 30 minutes underwater.

More than 10,000 applications:

The applications that you trust, the apps that you cannot live without, and the applications you want to test. Now you can get them from the Gear S3 on your wrist. Thus you can ease your life like never before.


It is designed to last for days

It comes with built-in S health app

Gear S3 offer a wireless charging dock

The display is crystal clear & visible

380mAh Li-ion battery goes up to 3 days

Samsung Pay enables you to make payment

Resists dust, water, and severe temperatures

Monitor your heart rate, and track your steps

It is compatible with Android and ios Smartphone

It allows you to get call, text, and notifications

A steel bezel can rotate to access notifications & apps


red-sign-iconNot Good for Runners

red-sign-iconNot suitable for swimming or diving


Thanks, Samsung, for the great product like the Gear S3 Classic Smartwatch. It would be an excellent timepiece for those who want a pretty decent watch for the money.

3. Samsung Galaxy Watch SM-R800NZSAXAR US Version review:

Editor’s Choice: If you are looking for a smartwatch from Samsung that offers excellent battery life and fantastic quality, then you can opt for the Samsung Galaxy Watch SM-R800NZSAXAR US Version. It is the very close opponent to the Apple smartwatch series. We would recommend it to live a smarter and stronger life.

Highlighted features:

The SM-R800NZSAXAR Watch by Samsung is such an upgrade what you expect in a smartwatch. In the following paragraphs, you will get a complete overview of the Samsung SM-R800NZSAXAR. Let’s reveal the features, pros, and cons.

Health & Wellness:

The SM-R800NZSAXAR Watch is the name in the smartwatch world that helps you to lead a smarter and stronger. The built-in health tracking feature makes you active. The Bluetooth connection of this device brings all at your wrist.


According to the consumer’s report, the SM-R800NZSAXAR is very much more watch-like than the choice of Apple. It offers faces stimulated by regular watch design, a rotating bezel and a pair of buttons.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch SM-R800NZSAXAR is indeed a durable wearable with a practical & inoffensive design which would attract anyone who wants a smartwatch with loads of features.

This Galaxy Watch is available in three colors and two sizes. The stylish Watch faces are so appealing and reasonable to the users that give it a digital look.

Smart Connectivity:

Samsung Galaxy Watch

The Samsung Galaxy Watch SM-R800NZSAXAR is compatible with both iOS & Android smartphones. The Bluetooth connectivity of this device allows you to listen to your favorite music, receive calls, workouts with ease, and much more.

Smart Notification:

All wireless network tool and devices support this Galaxy series. It features 2.4GHz Bluetooth, which enables safe connectivity & data security. The R800NZSAXAR is such a wristwatch that makes notifications given smart and at real-time.


When it comes to the term durability of a wristwatch, you should consider the power to resist pressure, wear, and damage.

The Galaxy Watch SM-R800NZSAXAR offers military-grade durability that gives it an extended-lasting guarantee. It features Corning Gorilla Glass DX+ that protects the display from getting scratched and damaged.

Ease in Making Payment:

One of the most top-notch features of this Galaxy Watch SM-R800NZSAXAR is its smart paying system. With the Samsung Pay NFC, you can make the payment easily from your wrist.


The SM-R800NZSAXAR lets you enjoy uninterrupted use for a couple of days on a single charge. It comes with a wireless charger that makes it even smarter. However, battery life basically depends on the use of the wristwatch.


Super easy to use a wristwatch

It is water-resistant up 50 meter

US version smartwatch with warranty

Available in three colors and two sizes

It offers a wireless charger to its users

It is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones

Built-in health tracking and Bluetooth connection

The functionality of this Watch is user-friendly

It offers stylish watch faces which looks like digital

It works excellent at the gym to control music and exercise

The battery life is excellent than the Gear S3 (goes for days)


red-sign-iconNo LTE connectivity but only offers Bluetooth

red-sign-iconIt doesn’t have an option for SIM card placement


If you would love to have a smartwatch that works flawlessly, then this SM-R800NZSAXAR Watch by Samsung galaxy could be the best one that can make you super happy. Hope it would be the best wearable for money to you.

4. Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch SM-R600NZKAXAR review:

The smartwatches are going through a difficult phase. And that original promise to bring a new revolution in the segment of wearables. A reality that has made efforts have compromised it and the options are reduced.

Most manufacturers have wanted to redirect these devices to the section of physical activity monitoring, and the Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch SM-R600NZKAXAR is a perfect example of this.

The Samsung Gear Sport is not really a Gear S4. But it is actually a watch that comes to complement Samsung’s portfolio of smartwatches, without being the flagship watch. Let’s enjoy the overall features of this Gear Sport by Samsung:


The design of the range of smartwatches from Samsung Gear has not changed much since the Gear S2, and that is still true with the Gear Sport.

The Watch brings many of the signals from the S3 equipment at a lower price. It looks good on the wrist, which is crucial; it is less than the S3 Gear, which should mean tighter wrists.

Same to the Gear S3, the unique rotating bezel comes with spaces that offer clever feedback.

This time, however, there are no indications to indicate the seconds on the clock.
In contrast, the bezel is free of any brand, which provides a more subtle and discreet experience. The bezel is my favorite feature in the Gear Sport and provides what is possibly the best way to navigate any smartwatch on the market.

Samsung Gear Sport SmartWatch

 The S3 bezel, which seems to be a bit firmer, is a bit easier to use than the computer. While you can use the touch screen, the rotating bezel provides a simple way to navigate the Tizen experience.

The Gear Sport is the best choice for the fitness fans as opposed to the Gear S3 Classic & the Gear S3 Frontier. The sporty nature (and name) of this Watch means that it is designed with a focus on fitness first, but it looks good most of the time.

The Gear Sport should work with most outfits, although if you wear business attire, you may want to choose something else.


Unlike his brother Gear S3, the Gear Sport is designed to be an exercise partner on his wrist. Samsung has eliminated some of the features that make the Gear S3 a smartwatch.

The features are taken from the Gear Sport a lot. For example, Gear Sports comes with Samsung Pay but only through terminals enabled for NFC. Gear S3 and Samsung smartphones come with MST technology, which allows you to contact NFC.

Note: The Gear Sport is Samsung’s first smart Watch with 5ATM support, allowing you to swim up to 50 feet underwater. You take this much more seriously than the Gear Sport S3.

Fitness experience:

Gear Sport is a worthy competitor if you take your fitness seriously. Like the Apple Watch, it brings several looks designed to show your training and fitness stats at a glance.

The automatic tracking of the exercises facilitates the monitoring of your fitness goals, and the accelerating speed is perfect for tracking the laps in the pool.

Note: Samsung has updated its Health application to offer personalized advice on their physical condition. After setting up your profile in Samsung Health, you are ready to choose from a variety of fitness programs that are designed specifically for you. Once you want your exercise program, you can see them on your phone or your home television.

Music streaming service:

The Gear Sport is the first device with full offline capability for free users and Spotify Premium. This is number 1 music streaming service in the Gear. It’s great to have 400-500 tracks in the 4GB of internal memory.

It is incredibly useful for those moments when you do not want to carry your phone with you.

There is a playlist collection of Spotify Run exercises.

Battery life:

It works with a battery (300 mAh ) that lasts between two & three days on average. During the days of this sport, the battery was never a concern, but we spent about two days when you used all the functions.

During the night, you will see that the Gear Sport drains between 8 and 15%. Although it is not in the energy-saving mode and activates the Do Not Disturb function, this can be as low as 5% throughout the night.


It allows you to enjoy music and

All-day fitness tracking Sport watch

You can use it for days on a single charge

Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones

Swim-ready & water-resistant (up to 50 meters)

Control smart devices (door locks, lights, TV, etc.)

The GPS mapping enables you to track daily progress

The Samsung Pay NFC system allows you to make payment

Receive and reply calls and texts with a rotating bezel


red-sign-iconNot designed for scuba diving

red-sign-iconNot for diagnosing diseases or other conditions


The Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch needs a compatible smartphone to the Samsung Connect app. It is indeed a modern and innovative design which is ready for your active life.

 5. SAMSUNG GEAR S3 FRONTIER Smartwatch review:

Samsung has arranged two versions of the Samsung Gear S3. The Frontier version is the same one that is focused a bit more for athletes.

Are you looking for a smartwatch with many built-in functions to improve your overall fitness? Read on to see if the Samsung Gear S3 FRONTIER is right for you or the person you want to give it to.

Highlighted features:

Elegant curves and quality finishes:

With its beautiful curves and top-quality finishes, the Samsung Gear S3 FRONTIER will draw attention. Its rotating bezel makes your life easier because with a simple gesture, you choose a new dial, browse your applications or answer your calls.

With quick access to your relevant notifications, you can more easily enjoy every moment of your day. Also, its silicone strap will withstand all tests and further confirm your adventurous personality.

Quality materials:

The Samsung Gear S3 FRONTIER has a circular dial with a thin stainless steel contour. Its circular design ensures a unique and innovative experience. Fully customizable, your screen and wristbands are easy to change so that you can wear it elegantly on any occasion.

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

Equipped with a 1.3 “Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels, the Gear S3 Frontier also features Always On Display.

So it displays the dial permanently and in color, and for simplified messages, Write your notes directly on the screen with the tips of your fingers, the Gear S3 will convert them into text!

Easy and ergonomic navigation:

The Samsung Gear S3 offers you a simple and intuitive way to navigate, and the essential notifications of your smartphone are accessible in a simple gesture on your Gear S3.

Turn the dial to access notifications and widgets, scroll through your emails, or control the music volume. The Gear S3 is equipped with a microphone and a built-in speaker so you can manage your calls with the hands-free function.

Also, the microphone can be used to control your Watch through S Voice. You can define reminders, create a task list, or send a text or audio message.

A watch ready for action:

Enjoy at all times the GPS precision integrated into the Gear S3 for your sports activities and your daily use.

Whether to find an optimized itinerary or to find the best restaurant addresses in your area, the Samsung Gear S3 will guide you everywhere. So you can leave your smartphone in your bag.

And if you ever get lost in the middle of the forest, you have to press the start button three times. Then an alert message will be sent quickly to your contacts with your location in real-time.

Integrating multiple sensors (barometer, altimeter, speed, heart rate meter), the Gear S3 encourages you to stay active and in good shape.

Resistant to water and dust, it has also been designed to deal with any situations. Thanks to its IP68 certification.

Optimized energy management:

Compatible with wireless charging technologies, the Samsung Gear S3 FRONTIER has a rapid induction charging system. Delivered with your charger, just put it on its base to charge it.

And thanks to the fast charging, it only takes 15 minutes of recharging to provide 10 hours of battery life. The 380 mAh battery also offers a useful experience of 3 to 4 days, allowing you to be connected at all times.

With an energy-saving mode, starting from 5% of the battery’s energy, the energy-saving mode is activated and limits the functions of the S3 device to the time display.


Battery life is up to 3 to 4 days

Amazing SSmartwatch that works perfectly

Compatible with both android and ios smartphone

Gear S3 Frontier is a great style and latest innovation

Excellent fit, convertible bands, water & dust resistant

Built-in S health app helps you to track steps and heart rate

Gear S3 Frontier enables you to text, call and get notifications

It allows you to track a ride, stream music and verify scores and more

The steel bezel and watch face turned to access apps and notifications


red-sign-iconThis is a bit more costly

red-sign-iconIt does not come with LTE capability


The Samsung Gear S3 FRONTIER smartwatch is one of the most complete and advanced smartwatches on the market. You would be very pleased with this buying. We would love to recommend it to anyone.

6. Samsung Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch review:

The usual thing is for Samsung to let us know its top-line products in spectacular presentations. But this time it has decided to share the announcement of its new smartwatches more moderately. We speak the Samsung Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch.

Highlighted features:

The Samsung Gear Neo 2 Smartwatch is the plastic SSmartwatch. It is a substitute for the Samsung Gear 2. It is the smart associate watch customized to your lifestyle & looks.

If you want to stay focused on time, Gear Neo 2 is the perfect companion to do so. It allows you to make calls, track fitness, and get notifications right on your wrist.

It doesn’t matter where your day moves you; the Gear 2 Neo meets your style to keep you engaged without feeling confused. Let’s enjoy the overall features of this Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch below:

a) The Best fit:

The Samsung Gear 2 Neo is a perfect wearable that can reflect your style.

Flexible design:

The Gear 2 Neo is best known for its flexible design. This design will let you change the color of the band anytime. Thus you can make your standard look.

Change it up:

The screen of Gear 2 Neo is customizable. By personalizing the Gear 2 Neo lock screen, font, and background, you can keep your style unique and fresh.

Personal touch:

You can customize your Gear 2 Neo with Gear Manager. You can customize the camera settings, disable or enable features, make apps, and more.

Samsung Gear 2

b) Stay in the Moment

The Samsung Gear 2 Neo offers you all at your wrist.

Quick look notifications:

With Quick look notifications, you can keep diversions at arm’s reach; for instance phone calls, texts and notifications right on your wrist.

Make the call:

The Gear 2 Neo has a Voice Command option. The Voice Command option helps you to make & receive calls. Also, it is easy to reply texts, check emails, and more on a substantial AMOLED display (1.63-inch).

c) Lifestyle supervisor

Wherever you go, the Gear 2 Neo keeps you up to date with your daily life.

Music anytime:

The Gear 2 Neo offers a unique music player to its users. If you have a Gear 2 Neo, you can enjoy your favorite playlists anywhere. So you can leave your phone at home while you are running.

Put your best self forward

This Smartwatch comes with the S Health app. This app allows you to track calories burned, steps, and heart rate. Thus you can get your fitness goals & promote your entire fitness.

Change the channel

If you have a Gear 2 Neo, you don’t need to find out the remote control. Today you can control TV right from your wrist. The built-in IR blaster & WatchON enables you to do so.

Ready for action:

An IP67-certified water-resistant & dustproof design secures the Gear 2 Neo. So you can have an exercise or jog on the beach area without any stress.


    • The Samsung Gear 2 Neo is compatible with the following devices:
  • Samsung Galaxy Mega
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • Samsung Galaxy S III
  • Samsung Galaxy S 4
  • Samsung Galaxy S 5



Excellent touch screen

Extraordinary battery life

Built-in Heart Rate Sensor

Water-resistant and dustproof

Very lightweight and affordable

Great built-in apps cover everything

Track your daily progress on workouts

Bluetooth headsets to get musical pleasure

Very durable and functional vibration power

Receive urgent notifications from your phone

Submerged up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes

AMOLED display making message seamless and smooth

Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watch & Android version


red-sign-iconIt is not shockproof

red-sign-iconNot Android wear, so the apps are missing


So if you want to get real-time notifications, calls, and health tracking measurements right on your wrist, you could opt for the Samsung Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch.

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide: Best Samsung SmartWatch

Buy a smartwatch from Samsung – what options do I have?

Would you like to buy a Samsung smartwatch? Take note of all the smartwatches brand that you can buy. If you want to buy a smartwatch from Samsung, inevitably you’ve asked yourself what the options you have at your disposal to get a smartwatch of the brand are.

There are several product lines; you may not be very clear about the differences between the different devices. For this reason, to help you make your choice below, we will list all Samsung smartwatch officially available, with its most outstanding features.

With the additions that have come to the catalog lately, it is more than clear that Samsung does not intend to throw in the towel. And it will continue to fight the Apple Watch, so bet on a watch from this manufacturer is to be sure, with future updates and developments at the level of software.

Still not clear? Here goes the list.

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch: the new watches, now with 4G

Samsung surprised all with a new line of smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch. With this move, the Gear brand to group their smartwatches in the Galaxy family of products.

These watches are the high range of Samsung. With better connectivity, especially since they become available in its 4G version with eSIM, in case you want to receive calls or have Internet directly on your Smartwatch. Its appearance is quite classic, although obviously, the sphere is entirely customizable with new aspects.

With AMOLED screen and Always On technology, you can always see the notifications and the time-saving battery. The Samsung Galaxy Watch does not only watch but also smart band fitness monitoring your heart rate, physical activity, and even sleep.

2. Samsung Galaxy Gear S3:

With the arrival of the Galaxy Watch, those immediately injured – or benefited, depending on how you look at it – were the Gear S3, the previous generation of smartwatches that was presented in 2017 and that are now cheaper.

Although it does not have LTE, the device does have an application to make calls without a telephone. It also has Bluetooth and WiFi connection and performs quantification functions of real values.

The Watch is customizable if you prefer a more casual or other alternatives. In any case, right now they are only officially available in it is Classic and Frontier versions. So if you want a watch with another look, you will have to bet on another.

3. Samsung Gear Sport:

Are you looking for a cheap Samsung smartwatch, or at least more affordable than we’ve seen so far? The Gear Sport may be a perfect choice, especially if you’re going to use it for sporting purposes.

As its name implies, it has everything you need to use it while doing sports. It comes with an accelerometer, gyroscope and much more.

Undoubtedly the most striking is its design, more casual and youthful, especially if you buy it in blue. The spheres are customizable, as in all other smartwatches of the brand.
In terms of connectivity, it has WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2 and NFC and is submersible, perfect for listening to music while you train.

Features of the Samsung brand Smartwatch

    • Among the remarkable features we have
  • Receive and answer notifications
  • A daily summary of your appointments and reminders
  • Register sports activities of all kinds
  • Control your health and track your pulsations
  • Information about your sleep habits
  • Connectivity with all kinds of smart devices
  • Waterproof
  • Pay through the Watch thanks to an NFC chip
  • Tizen based on wearable OS 4.0
  • Wireless charging based on WPC
  • Bluetooth memory: 768 MB RAM + 4 GB of internal memory

Note: Also, Samsung has implemented in this model, a function called “Copilot.” What this function does is to be aware of you while driving, and can detect if you are falling asleep, and warns you to avoid accidents.

Advantages of the Samsung brand Smartwatch

    • Being a well-known brand, we can highlight in several comprehensive benefits such as:
  • Resistant to water and dust.
  • The durability of the battery for 2 to 3 days.
  • Useful applications of the brand.
  • Good aesthetics
  • It can be configured without problems.

Disadvantages of Samsung smartwatches

    • As everything in this life has its downside, let’s see its disadvantages pointed out by the users.
  • Some models have minimal functions.
  • Samsung does not give you a guarantee.

Do you know Samsung’s triple driving system?

Samsung smartwatches stand out for their triple clock management system. The selection of applications and menus is made by combining the three methods so that it is straightforward to move around the clock.

Touch screen:

On the screen, we can interact with the applications

Physical buttons:

A start button and a back button make navigation easier

Selection bezel:

It is a crown placed around the screen, and through its rotation, we can interact with the applications and navigate the menus of the Samsung watch. It works very well, and once you get used to it (and you get used to it very quickly), you miss it in the rest of the Smartwatch.


There you have the details over Top-notch Samsung smartwatch reviews. All the collections from the above by Samsung are quality devices. You can opt for any one of these devices from Samsung. But what would be the best one by Samsung?

Well, our choice is always on the Samsung Galaxy Watch. It is complete and precise. It possesses an exquisite watchmaking design and a real autonomy up to three days in regular use.

Nevertheless, iPhone users will be more interested in turning to the Apple Watch Series 4. Indeed, they are more expensive, but also more precise, and whose display is close to perfection. The Samsung Galaxy Watch is now compatible with iPhones – which was not the case at its release – but not all features are accessible.

Overall, Samsung smartwatch is a model that craves trust. It is indeed a fantastic device that mixes the retro side with its dial display with hands and modernity.