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Fossil Watch – Which Fossil Watch Is Best To Buy?

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Fossil Watch

Hello, my dear friends. How are you? Hope, you are well. Before going through the best fossil smartwatch review, ‘let’s have a few talks about why I preferred Fossil Watch. Well, I always have my hands full of books, various objects, and techno, of course. When I walk around the studios or at school, I always have a bottle of water in my hand and my diary in the other. If I’m traveling, do not call me, it’s sure you will fall on my voice mail.

My head is filled with projects that are so different from each other. I love it, but with my head already busy, I quickly forget some elements.

I usually walk with a backpack or a bag, reading a text message from a friend ends up waiting for my return home. My cell phone was not always easily accessible. This is where smartwatches come into play in my mind.

I had not yet had the opportunity to test for you a watch that does everything. So, with the coming of Fossil on the market very soon, I’ve tried for you the best Smartwatches from Fossil Watch, which are unusual in situations we all experience. To learn more about the arrival of Fossil’s new products, take a look at our top-notch Fossil Watch review guide:

The Best fossil watch review :

Fossil Watch

Fossil Watch Men’s Grant Quartz FS5151 Watch Review:

Editor’s Choice: The Fossil Men’s Grant Quartz FS5151 Watch is the first choice in our review list. It is an ideal model for people who want to go to the last but at the same time want to continue having a classic touch on their wrist. It is a watch that perfectly combines the elegance with the modernity that gives it a perfect feel.

Highlighted features:

Are you looking for an affordable, active and classy watch? If so, then you ‘don’t need to look much more than the Fossil Men’s Grant Quartz FS5151 Watch. With the top notch design and stainless steel dial, you will find all the significant features in this Fossil FS5151 review. ‘Let’s take a look at:

Fossil Watch activity:

It ‘doesn’t matter how excellent your watch appears; it would be worthless if it were not precise. Gratefully, the Fossil FS5151 comes with the accurate Japanese quartz trend with a chronograph action.

This watch helps you to avoid losing time. The chronograph is positioned accurately, which allows you to read the seconds, minutes, and hours.


The premium dial design makes the Fossil FS5151 famous. Thus they become an idol to design dial for many companies, for example, Marc Jacobs, Armani, and Michael Kors. Another key feature of this watch is its proficiency in the craftsmanship.

The dial comes with an excellent background (deep blue), which compares with the white Roman digit signs, hands & details. There are also sub-dials for the chronograph on the dial. They are large and easy to read a dial.

Fossil Men’s Watch


The Fossil Men’s Quartz FS5151 Watch comes with a stainless steel bezel. The bezel is bright enough and stationary. Therefore it deals with no other concerns but gives a necessary defense to the watch. Thus Fossil FS5151 receives an aesthetic advantage.

Case & Crown:

The Fossil FS5151 Watch comes with stainless steel blue case. The blue case goes with the blue background of the watch. It also features a stainless steel crown which is used to modify the time & switch between performances.

Water Resistance:

The Fossil FS5151 Watch is waterproof up to 50 meters. It is ideal for most activities, for example, swimming and showering, etc.


Waterproof up to 50 meter

The mineral crystal watch face

Blue plated stainless steel case

It is a leather chronograph watch

Very stylish and high-quality watch

Blue dial makes this watch famous

Identical with all Fossil wearable straps

Multifunction watch including stopwatch activity

Quartz activity with bright display (3-hand analog)

The real brown leather band including buckle finish

Different dials for monitoring hours, minutes & seconds


red-sign-iconThe leather strap is very stiff

red-sign-iconThis watch is for men to wear


The Fossil FS5151 Watch would be the best choice for those who are looking for a class. You will enjoy plenty of facilities on this watch. This watch is indeed a classy one from the material to color choices.

Fossil Watch Women’s Gen 4 FTW6016 Smartwatch review:

Editor’s Choice: The Fossil Women’s Gen 4 FTW6016 Smartwatch comes with its latest features. It looks the same as the previous version of Fossil Q Venture. It is one of the latest inventions (4th-generation) of Fossil. It is marketed as the top choice of women. It is best suited for smaller wrists.

Highlighted features:

NFossil continuing to manufacture and launch the latest SSmartwatch over the last few years. Welcome to their most recent production, which looks excellent and works well. It becomes one of the best wearables out on the market. However, ‘let’s see the entire features of this watch below:

Design :

The Fossil Watch Women’s Gen 4 FTW6016 has a premium metal construction. It also features a classic circular design which makes it an excellent wearable. It came in silver, gold and rose gold shades.

You will find different strap mixtures to select from. These are including stainless steel, leather & silicone in a variety of colors.

Also, you will find various bezel choices, including a smooth finish. It is a versatile timepiece with a stylish design that meets your needs. All of the different options are worthy of everyday wear. The Fossil Women’s Gen 4 has a stainless steel casing, which is an excellent option for smaller wrists.

Fossil Women’s SmartWatch


One of the most eye-catching features of Gen 4 FTW6016 is its high-resolution display. It has an AMOLED display. You can read the display in any kinds of lighting. It is value referring that the display does have a black bezel around the watch face.

Software & Performance:

Like the previous iteration of the fossil watch, Gen 4 FTW6016 comes with Wear OS operating system. It offers 4GB storage area. It runs smoothly though it has several apps. Wear OS is a real treat to use. It is intuitive and straightforward.

The Gen 4 FTW6016 comes with some exclusive features including:

  • An alarm watch
  • Different time zones
  • Calendar, alerts, & music replay
  • Google subsidiary voice command
  • Smart notifications received to your wrist from apps, and social sites, etc.

All of these worked seamlessly.

Health and Fitness Tracking:

As well as looking the part, the Gen 4 FTW6016 is an excellent fitness companion. It can track a range of activities. It boasts GPS meaning. It is a valuable partner when running, hiking, and cycling.

It is waterproof (up to 30m) watch for the money. It has (built-in) heart rate detector as well. The Wear OS operating system uses Google Fit.

It keeps calculation on activity & health data. Google Fit also lets you know the steps you have taken and the calories you have burned.

Battery life:

The Gen 4 FTW6016 has a 300mAh battery which lasts 24 hours. But it depends upon what you use it for.


Wear OS operating system

Customizable watch face

Built-in Google assistant

Battery life is up to 24 hours

“Google Pay” to make payments

Built-in GPS for space tracking

Receive app alerts and notifications

Touch screen display with LED flashlight

Swim proof design makes it fit for a pool

Google fit for tracking heart rate & performance

Allows controlling your music and managing calendar


red-sign-iconDoesn’t have a speaker

red-sign-iconBattery life needs to improve


If you want a smartwatch with a small design and Wear OS software, the Fossil Women’s Gen 4 FTW6016 looks to be a suitable option.

Fossil Watch Q Women’s Gen 3 Venture Smartwatch review:

Editor’s Choice: The Fossil Q Gen 3 is a smartwatch of the third generation of the Fossil. Both men and women can wear this device with their casual or sporty look, as it represents a quite attractive complement. Its design makes it ideal for use by teenagers and adults without age limit.

Highlighted features:

For some time we have commented on Top of Range that the segment of smartwatches is supported by the manufacturers of traditional models and less by technology.

And an example of what we say is the arrival of a new model called Fossil Q Women’s Gen 3 Venture Smartwatch. Here are some of its most essential features.


The body of the watch is round. Both the frame and the bands are made of stainless steel in gold color, so it provides a reasonably elegant style. The dial tone is black, and the closure is snapped to ensure that it does not fall easily.

It has a side button, and the other control buttons are tactile. Around the dial has a detail with a thin texture that gives it a simple but lovely touch.


It has a touch screen. So you can quickly get access to all functions and applications. It has an AMOLED technology that allows you to read it clearly at any time. The light is an LED type, and its sharpness is 454 pixels. It has high resistance to dust, water, or scratches.

Fossil Women’s SmartWatch

Battery life:

It has a rechargeable battery that usually lasts about 24 hours. However, battery life is depending on use. It comes with a USB type wireless charger for charging the battery.


This watch has an IP67 certification, which is why it is resistant to dust, scratches, and splashes of water. So it can be used in moderate rain. It is not submersible like other Smartwatch.

System and Connection type:

The operating mode of this watch is Android 4.4. It is compatible with Android and iOS. So it can be used with devices or tablets that work with those systems. The connection is via Bluetooth Smart Enabled.


Once the wearable synchronizes with the mobile application, it receives notifications of calls, text messages, emails, and WhatsApp that arrive at the device. It also allows you to set the alarm to wake up or to do the workouts, as well as reminders of the day’s agenda.

Voice command:

This wristwatch comes with a built-in microphone that is used to give instructions to the device through the voice command.

Customizable spheres:

It allows you to customize the areas of the screen at any time, providing some options related to the colors and applications that you want to see on the screen.

Activity Tracking:

Through this timepiece, you can take a log of the number of steps, the distance traveled, and the calories burned through exercise during the day, week, or month.

Music control:

By synchronizing the watch with the mobile device, it is possible to control the music. It is heard with the selected player, which can be Spotify, Google Play, Pandora, and iTunes, Soundcloud or Apple Music.


Easy to use & navigate

Battery life is up to 24 hour

Battery life is up to 24 hour

The OLED display is fully round

Water, dust and splash resistant

Stainless Steel Smartwatch for women

Allows you to control music and apps

Tracks steps, distance, and calories

The watch faces and bands are customizable

Touch screen monitor shows workout progress

It is compatible with android and iOS smartphone


red-sign-iconDoesn’t track your pulse

red-sign-iconBattery life needs to improve


Finally, the Fossil Watch Q Women’s Gen 3 Venture Smartwatch is one of the most elegant and attractive Smartwatches that exists. It fulfills essential functions that make it easier for people to keep a better order about their daily routine.

Fossil Men’s Gen 4 Explorist HR review:

The fourth generation of Fossil Men’s Explorist HR looks appealing and feels comfortable. Technically better positioned than all its predecessors, it convinces with a large display and active vibration alarm. The Fossil Men’s Gen 4 Explorist HR has everything you want in a smartwatch.

Highlighted features:

Design & quality:

At first glance, the Gen 4 Explorist HR looks like an analog wristwatch. Only when you look more closely, you can see that this is a smartwatch or digital watch.

Appearance and design are a matter of taste, but in fact, Fossil has gotten a pleasant and unobtrusive look. Sovereignty crafted from high-quality materials such as glass and metal, the Explorist HR looks like a classic men’s watch.

The waterproof case is 13 mm deep and weighs 75 g together with the brown leather strap. The metal wristband makes the watch heavier, which is a welcome addition to some users.

Fossil Men’s Watch


The Gen 4 Explorist HR has an easy-to-read, sharp AMOLED display. Compared to top smartwatches like the Apple Watch Series 4 or Samsung Galaxy Watch, the screen looks a little less rich in contrast and light and responds a bit slower to inputs.

The experiment showed: The display is scratch-resistant. The watch is waterproof up to 100 feet in depth. It is ideal for swimming – according to the manufacturer.


The memory of the Gen 4 Explorist HR offers 4 GB. It can store music files for wireless transmission to a Bluetooth headset or install Wear OS apps from the Google Play Store.


The Explorist HR has a GPS and a heart rate sensor with optical recording, which is new compared to the older generation. Thus, the watch is interesting for joggers. Localization via GPS takes five to ten seconds. The measurement of the pulse is consistent with other devices.


The Explorist HR operating system is Wear OS by Google, formerly known as Android Wear OS. Google has slightly revised the look and operation. In fact, handling has become a little more user-friendly. So the controls have gained the surface, making them easier to click.

Battery life:

The calculated battery life is up to 24 hours. If you use the watch is low power mode then it supports more two days. It features a fast-charging system (magnetic USB charger). It lets you watch to charge up to eighty percent (80%) within an hour.

Google Pay and Music:

Thanks to the NFC sensor of the Smartwatch users pay cashless, for which they deposit their account data with Google Pay. Music transfer users from the watch to Bluetooth headphones.

It works on the Android Wear app “Google Fit” and in future on the music streaming service Spotify. A microphone allows communication with the Google Assistant.


Wear OS operating system

Stainless Steel smartwatch

Watch face is customizable

Battery life is up to 24 hour

Water-resistant and swim-proof

GPS (built-in) for tracking distance

Touch screen display with LED flashlight

Google pay system for making smart payment

Swim proof design makes it best for poor drive

Allows controlling music and managing calendar

Google fit for tracking heart rate and activity

Receive notifications, app alerts from the smartphone


red-sign-iconIt not compatible with Apple Music

red-sign-iconIt is not compatible with any medical devices


If you are looking for an inconspicuous Android smartwatch with GPS and heart rate measurement and occasionally want to read his notifications on your arm, the Fossil Q Explorist HR is a good choice.

Fossil Watch Women’s Gen 4 Venture FTW6017 HR review:

Technology is what that will inspire you! The Fossil Women’s Gen 4 Venture FTW6017 HR Smartwatch for women in the color silver is just the thing to accompany you through the day.

The fashionable wristwatch leaves hardly a wish open and adapts precisely to your needs. Never compromise again! This watch is precisely what you want – not less. ‘Let’s discuss the overall features of this watch below:

Highlighted features:

Modern technology:

Technical achievements and breathtaking progress is no stranger to Q Venture HR. The optical heart rate monitor, the GPS module, and the option of cashless payment via NFC are just some of the many features that make your everyday life easier.

The new Fossil Smartwatch invariably has the many options to customize it and tailor it to your needs. You always find what you need and want!

Classic design:

The Fossil Q Venture HR is just right for your ladies wrist. It is Slim and compact – and at the same time, impressive and stylish. This watch does not leave anything to be desired. Also, there are several ways to customize it to your very own personal style.

Fossil Women’s Watch


The watch in the fashionable chronograph look offers you the opportunity to choose from an extensive selection of Watch faces. You can even use your photos as the background of the watch!

Operating system and Heart Rate tracking:

The Fossil Women’s Gen 4 FTW6017 HR comes with wear OS operating system. It features Google Fit, which helps to track heart rate and activity.

GPS and Google pay:

The Fossil FTW6017 HR has built-in GPS. It helps you to track the distance. Another significant feature is its Google pay system. It allows you to make the payment quickly and comfortably.

Receive notifications:

The Fossil FTW6017 HR allows you to receive notifications and app alerts. Also, it can control music and manage the calendar. It helps you to download 3rd party apps (such as music or ride-sharing apps) as well.

Battery life:

The Gen 4 FTW6016 has a 300mAh battery which lasts 24 hours. But it depends upon what you use it for. You can use it for 2 days in low power mode. It has a fast-charging system (magnetic USB charger). It can charge up to eighty percent (80%) in an hour.

Additional features:

Also, Fossil FTW6017 comes with the customizable watch face. The fitness tracker (built-in), touch screen activity, various time zones, weather, and wireless syncing make it worthy to the users.


Easy to read pictures

Wear OS operating system

Built-in Google Assistant

Battery life is up to 24 hour

The excellent large watch face

Best wristwatch for men and women

Google Pay system for smart payment

Receive notifications and app alerts

GPS (built-in) for tracking distance

Touch screen display with LED flashlight

Customizable dial and stainless steel case

Google fit for tracking activity and heart rate

Allows controlling and managing music and calendar


red-sign-iconIt needs to recharge daily

red-sign-icon‘Doesn’t allow to reply texts or notifications


Overall, the Fossil Women’s Gen 4 Venture FTW6017 HR is indeed a comparable and fantastic wearable than any other fitness tracker out on the market. We would highly recommend it.

Buying guide: Best fossil smartwatch

(History, Models, and Features of Fossil Smart Watches):


One of the best brands related to smartwatches is Fossil. Brothers Tom and Kosta Kartsotis founded it in 1984. Since that time, it has been dedicated to establishing alliances to expand its market in this area.

Models of Fossil Smart Watches:

Among the Fossil smartwatch models are the Q Marshal, Q Wander, Q Venture, Q Explorist, Q Anette, Q Hybrids, among others. They are made for men like women and athletes, with straps in steel, leather, or silicone that make this brand different and customizable.


LED touch screen:

It has a spherical 229 DPI LED touch screen. The time and date are updated automatically in this watch. It features wireless synchronization, music player, alarm clock, and microphone with a speaker. It works with operating systems Android OS 5, iPhone 5, iOS 9.0, among others.


It has a system that controls the activity, measures the distances, counts the calories. So it is ideal for those who exercise regularly. Some of their designs are practical, comfortable, and elegant. Its styles are classic and very modern.

Multiple time zones:

Some models of Fossil watches keep numerous time zones, receive updates while it is charging without turning it off. Use an inductive load magnet, so it is not necessary to connect it. It allows you to set alarms to sleep or do some daily exercise routine.

GPS connectivity:

It also receives and sends calls, emails, and text messages. It includes location tracker via GPS, and the digital compass makes it easy to synchronize with the social networks active on the Fossil smartwatch.


Your web browser can be controlled by voice through the internal microphone; it can illuminate using the flashlight function. The wide variety of styles and finishes of Fossil smartwatches makes them unique as the colors and applications that are required are adjusted.

Screen and exterior appearance:

The screen looks good. It is a particular aspect of the Fossil. Also, it has an ambient light sensor to adapt the brightness according to the lighting conditions. The touch screen is wholly round and is protected by a sapphire crystal to prevent scratching.

Fossil Battery and Water Resistance:

The battery is undoubtedly somewhat short. It arrives for the day if you do not spend too much. This would be worth it to increase since we think it is very little and what less that lasts a couple of days in case one night you go out.

As for its water resistance, it is fully submersible with a 30 meter or 3 ATM certification. It allows you to use it even for swimming. But keep in mind that it is not a sports watch and that depending on the material of the strap, you will have to be more or less careful with the water.

When you go into the water with the Fossil, it recommends that you activate the theater mode. Thus the screen turns off and does not turn on with the movements of your arm in the water.

Apple smart Watch vs. Fossil Watch:

1. Design:

  • Apple Watch is not anti-dust and water-resistant
  • Fossil smartwatch is anti-dust and water-resistant

2. Sweat-resistant:

  • Apple Watch is sweat resistant
  • Fossil smartwatch is sweat resistant

3. Touch screen:

  • Apple Watch has a touch screen
  • Fossil smartwatch also comes with a touch screen

4. Display:

  • Apple Watch has a Flexible Retina Display (OLED)
  • Fossil smartwatch has Large and bright Display

5. Sensors:

  • • Apple Watch has a heart rate monitor
  • Fossil smartwatch ‘doesn’t have a heart rate monitor

6. Accelerometer:

  • Apple Watch has an accelerometer
  • Fossil smartwatch also has an accelerometer

7. Compass:

  • Apple Watch has a compass
  • Fossil smartwatch ‘doesn’t have a compass

8. Calculates steps:

  • Apple Watch estimates the number of steps you take throughout the day
  • Fossil smart watch also calculates the number of steps

9. Measure the pace:

  • Apple Watch measures the pace
  • Fossil smart watch cannot measure the pace

10. Activity reports:

  • Apple Watch provides activity reports
  • Fossil smartwatch ‘doesn’t offer activity reports

11. Calories burned:

  • Apple Watch counts the number of calories you have burned
  • Fossil smartwatch also counts the number of calories you have burned

12. Both Apple and Fossil smartwatch has a rechargeable battery

13. Both Apple and Fossil smartwatch has a wireless charging

14. Both of them comes with a battery level indicator and Bluetooth connection

15. Apple Watch can be used to reply calls. On the other hand, Fossil watch cannot answer calls

Where to buy Fossil Watch?

Given the wide variety of models, versions, and colors that currently exist in the Fossil brand; we recommend that you use the search engine to find the one that best suits your needs.

It will take you to the best prices of renowned online stores where you can choose the watch you want. Also, you can visit to get the best Fossil Smartwatch for your needs.

We the might be your one-stop destination for getting the best Fossil Smartwatch as well. However, before making your decision, please make some research which would a great help to choose the best Fossil timepiece.


We are pleased to see a smartwatch made by Fossil. Currently, the Fossil brand is one of the most recognized in the sale of smartwatches.

This brand has more than 300 smartwatch designs marketed and distributed in 50 countries. The list of the best fossil smartwatch mentioned above is both elegant and functional that will completely meet your expectation.

They are comfortable and look good, even in the pool. The range of straps means that you can change it for different occasions, whether in the gym, in the office or the city.

While you can’t compete with conventional smartwatches for a dazzling array of applications, you can say that the fossil smartwatches are smart enough. Thanks for reading this review guide.