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Apple Watch – Which Apple watch Should You Get?

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Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Hello and welcome to the best Apple Watch review guide. A couple of years ago, I knew nothing about Apple watch. But now a days it hard to find out a person who didn’t know anything about the Apple brand watch. I had a cousin who lived abroad. Once he came back home for a vacation and met us.

Suddenly. I found something exciting and eye-catching on his wrist. I saw carefully and discovered that it was a wristwatch. But it did not look like the regular watch. So I asked my cousin what was that on his wrist? He replied, “It is a smartwatch from Apple.” And it was the story of the first time I meet with best Apple smartwatches.

Surely you’ve heard of Apple smartwatches; the brand was founded a few years ago. From its first version to the one they can currently find, it has evolved not only in features and functionalities but also in size and design.

With a meticulous design that fits any taste and features that are worth it, Apple introduced its Apple Watch. It is such a smartwatch that works in conjunction with its other gadgets, to offer a more user-friendly experience, without neglecting the appearance. Today, throughout the entire post of this article, we will let you introduce the top apple smartwatches reviews.

An overview of apple smartwatch:

Apple Watch

Smartwatches can be the future of smartphones. And the best apple smartwatch does have plenty of features that do provide you a quick look into the things that may come. Moreover, it performs like a wonder nowadays, mainly thanks to its modern software.

Therefore if you love a device that tracks your steps, monitors heart rate, then you will consider having an Apple smartWatch. This will allows you to play & enjoy wireless music, send emoji (animated), texts, see notifications, send your heartbeat to your loving one or more.

It assists you to look at your phone less. This will keep you connected to your phone and social sites. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss an in-depth analysis of Apple watch:

Best Apple Smartwatch Review:

1. Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS, 38mm) review:

Editor’s choice: The Apple Watch Series 3 is the new version of the company’s smartwatch. It improves its battery compared to its predecessors. Run applications quickly, and Siri responds better than before. The ability to track your steps, measure your exercises, and accompany you in your workouts underwater makes it standalone to the consumers.

Highlighted features:

The Apple Watch Series 3 provides a fundamental difference concerning its predecessors. It comes with the option of having LTE connectivity, which will allow it to give its full potential (No need to have the iPhone nearby). Let’s discuss the significant features of this Series 3 watch below:


The design is excellent. Also, there are options for both the watch and the strap, including the new sports loop, which is comfortable and dries fast enough to make it perfect for workouts.

Daily activity monitoring:

The regular activity monitoring is excellent. Apple’s three-ring system provides addictive goals that ensure you reach exercise goals and avoid sitting for a long time.

Heart rate monitor:

Apple has expanded the heart rate tracking features on the watch with the release of watchOS 4. The Apple Series 3 gets a developed heart rate application that displays a graph of your heart rate throughout the day.

It also shows your resting heart rate and average heart rate during walking. The resting heart rate is a good indicator of overall fitness, so it is a particularly welcome addition.

Another new feature is high heart rate notifications. This will alert you if your heart rate reaches an unexpected high point when you are not exercising.

Fitness application:

Regardless of your preferred fitness application, there is likely to be an Apple Watch version. No other smartwatch comes close to matching this application market, which significantly improves the tracking, cycle, and navigation capabilities of Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 3


The GPS is locked and ready to work at all times. It started instantly with each run and cycle and created complete maps at the end.

Swimming tracking:

Swimming tracking is improved with watchOS 4, which adds the ability to recognize the type of stroke. Set the pool length at the beginning of a swimming session, then press “go” and the watch automatically goes into the waterproof model.

From that moment on, you can pause the exercise by pressing both side buttons at the same time. If you want to do something else on the watch, you must take it out of the waterproof mode by rotating the Digital Crown.

Additional features:

Apple Series 3 is the most useful smartwatch available. You regularly use it to pay for things (including movie tickets, which appear as a QR code that allows entry) and listen to music. You can also interact and respond to notifications, instead of merely looking at them on your watch.


Receive and make calls

Gyroscope and accelerometer

Aluminum Case with White Sport Band

Digital Crown, watchOS 5 & swim proof

Interchangeable bands, Dual-core processor

Health and fitness tracking, Optical heart sensor

Excellent watch with GPS compatibility, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Receive text messages and notifications from Facebook, Twitter


red-sign-icon A bit expensive

red-sign-iconDoes not include sleep monitoring


If you own an iPhone and want a smartwatch, Apple Watch is your best option, and Series 3 is the best of them.

2. Apple watches series 5 with white sport band:

When we want to buy a new watch, apple watch series 5 is best to buy. It is an ideal watch to wear and makes a different look at you. It’s a watch that utterly combines the magnificence with the modernism that provides it a perfect feel.

Highlighted features:

This beautiful watch has amazing features. With the best-notch vogue and stainless-steel dial, you’ll notice all the numerous choices throughout this Apple smartwatch.

Watch activity:

This watch helps you to gain your time. The timer is positioned accurately, which allows you to browse the seconds, minutes, and hours. This smartwatch is only made for iPhones and also for all apple products.


The premium dial vogue makes apple smartwatch series five a lot of lovely. The dial comes with excellent color silver that compares with the white Roman digit signs, hands & details. There aren’t sub-dials for the timer on the dial. The apple smartwatch series five comes with a stainless-steel edge. The sting is bright enough and stationary. So it deals with no completely different problems but provides a necessary defense to the watch.

Case of the watch:

The apple smartwatch series five comes with a steel grey case. The grey case goes with the white background of the watch. It jointly choices a steel crown that’s used to change the time & switch between performances. This makes the watch more attractive.

Apple Watch Series 3

Waterproof watch:

The apple smartwatch series five is waterproof. It’s ideal for several activities, as an example, swimming, and showering, etc.

Hands-free vocation:

Apple makes it very easy to place calls through this amazing watch. If you are traveling at a very fast speed then you no need to put out your mobile from your pocket. It’s straightforward because of maintaining once you have got an excellent deal occurring.

Smart relay/quick look notifications:

Like mobile phones, this watch also receives quick look notifications, like texts and phone calls on your wrist joint. Once you would like to retort alongside your phone, the wise relay automatically displays the identical message from your apple good watch series five. You’ll be ready to even check the weather simply by asking. Apple’s good watch series five sleek, durable vogue and versatile colors and faces mean you will be ready to wear it anywhere.

Personal bit:

Customize your apple good watch series five with app manager. Change your camera settings, add watch faces, alter or disable choices, organize apps and extra.

Complete any look:

Apple’s good watch series five matches your vogue for any occasion with customizable analog, digital, or measuring system clock faces. Plus, it’s waterproof and dustproof.

Unlimited vogue:

Apple smartwatches out there in completely different sizes and additionally customizable with different bands of various colors of your selection.


Easy to use

Grey plated steel case

It’s a smartwatch for IOS

High-quality & Waterproof watch

Quartz activity with a bright show

Dial-in used for observance hours, minutes & seconds


red-sign-iconThis watch is for only men’s to wear


If you want to make your dressing more wonderful and want that all people look towards you then apple watch series 5 are the best choice for you. You’ll get pleasure from several facilities on this watch. The apple smartwatch series five would be the best choice for those who are attempting to seek out a class.

3. Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS, 42mm) review:

Apple Watch Series 3 is one of the most prominent products from Apple since its launch in 2015. It is the third choice in our review list. Without extreme changes at the design level, the renovation confirms it as the smartwatch with the most successful approach in the market and an important future ahead.

Highlighted features:

The Watch Series 3 is definitely a watch with serious sports aspirations. Let’s discuss the top-notch features of this watch below:

Unique design:

The Apple Watch Series 3 is a watch that revolutionizes the world of smartwatches. It comes with the largest screen that makes it familiar to the others. Also, it features an optical heart sensor.

Proactive health monitor:

The Apple Watch Series 3 is designed to improve your health every day and help you protect it. It allows you to receive low or high heart rate notifications.

Integral activity tracking:

With the Apple Watch Series 3, you will never lack the motivation to complete your Activity circles every day. In addition to sharing your activity, you can challenge a friend to participate in a competition. Receive personalized coaching, compete in monthly challenges, and get rewards for your achievements.

Apple Watch Series 3

Perfect training partner:

The Apple Watch Series 3 offers automatic exercise detection, yoga and hiking workouts, and advanced features for runners such as Cadence and Rhythm Warning. And so that you have better control of your performance.

Many ways to stay connected:

Watch Series 3 allows you to stay close to what matters most to you. You can make calls, send messages, and receive notifications from facebook, twitter and more. You can do everything directly from your wrist.


Optical heart detectors

WatchOS 5 and Swim proof

Aluminium Case with White Sport Band

Digital Crown and Dual-core S3 processor

Gyroscope and accelerometer with GPS compatibility

Ion-X strengthened glass and 740 sq mm display area


red-sign-iconCostly than others

red-sign-iconNo LTE connectivity but only offers Bluetooth


If you are a fan of Apple and its smartwatch, you may opt for the Apple Watch Series 3. It could be the best wearable for those who love a watch with a larger screen.

4. Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) 42mm Gray Aluminum review:

If you want a great watch that keeps you active and connected, the Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) 42mm Gray Aluminum might be the best option for you. It keeps you active hourly from the call, text notifications to the activity log. Below we will let you know the available features of this Watch Series 3 (GPS) 42mm from Apple brand:

Highlighted features:

Design and display:

The Apple Watch Series 3 comes with a 42mm case. It features a sports band & an anodized aluminum casing. It is designed for those who want to stay connected with next-generation updates.

Series 3 by Apple brings apps and functions from your iPhone right on your wrist. Thus you can do more and enjoy every change in your social life though you leave your phone in your pocket or home.

The Bluetooth option helps your watch to stay connected and shows notifications, apps, and so on its OLED Retina display screen. You can also connect directly to the Internet thanks to Wi-Fi 18 hours of regular use, and it is recharged with a magnetic inductive charger included.

Apple Watch Series 3


The Series 3 comes with built-in GPS. It allows you to navigate and get accurate training data (no phone required). It quickly connects to GPS satellites and records the distance, speed, and pace of your training, as well as the route you traveled and whether you are walking, running, or cycling.


The Apple Watch 3 series is designed to withstand the pressure equivalent to being 164 feet underwater (5 ATM). It is suitable for rain, spills, showers, pools, and shallow oceans. It comes with a speaker that has its vibrations to propel the water or liquid out.


The watch Series 3 by apple allows you to customize the complications or difficulties that find on the watch face. The problems are including calendar & activity, weather, or issues of apps installations.

Time travel:

This will allows you to rotate the Digital Crown to scroll through its complications. You can see what is happening next or what has already happened.


Talk to the Apple Siri digital assistant as you would on your iPhone to launch applications, record notes, search the web, reply to messages, and much more. You need to continue the digital Crown and command “Hey, Siri” to get the reply.


The face of Watch 3 series is customizable. From chronographs to digital faces, this watch is best to meet your needs. This will let you see the most significant notifications for you.

Health and Beauty

The Activity application shows daily progress. This will help you to reach your activity targets with three natural rings. The support ring shows how often you have risen to take a break from the session.

The movement ring allows you to see the calories you burned. And the exercise ring tracks the time that needs to complete the activity.

This watch lets you see the calories burned, distance traveled, and the taken measurements. Also, this will allows you to stand against friends & family as well as reply to notifications of your daily progress.


Grey plated steel case

Modern and high-quality watch

Quartz activity with a bright show

Multifunction watches furthermore as timer activity

Dial-in used for observance hours, minutes & seconds


red-sign-iconNot designed for scuba diving

red-sign-iconNot for diagnosing diseases or other conditions


The Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) 42mm Gray Aluminum is indeed high customization which works seamlessly with the iPhone. You would be pleased with this buying.

5. Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular, 44mm) review:

The Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular, 44mm) is such an invention by Apple, which is re-engineered and re-designed to assist you to be more healthy, active, and connected. Let’s enjoy the top-notch features of this watch:

Highlighted features:


The Watch Series 4 offers one of the largest displays to the users. It is re-engineered digital Crown with a haptic response. The Watch Series 4 is re-designed such a way that makes it familiar and standard out on the watch market.

Proactive fitness tracking:

The Watch Series 4 features an ECG on the user’s wrist. It allows you to receive notifications for high and low heart rate. Also, it can track the irregular rhythm. It features urgent SOS, fall tracking, and breath watch faces. It is made to develop your daily fitness as well.

Best exercise associate:

One of the game-changing features of Series 4 (GPS + Cellular, 44mm) watch is its automatic exercise tracking. This is best for those who love hiking workouts and yoga.

Apple Watch Series 4

It comes with some modern features (such as cadence & pace alerts) which are excellent for athletes. Also, it allows you to find five metrics as you accurately monitor all your most liked ways to train.

Universal activity tracker:

The global activity tracking system of this watch allows you to share your activity with your friends and family. The customized training system helps you to achieve awards in competitions. It indeed an ultimate motivation that you need every day.

Stay connected:

The Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular, 44mm) watch allows you to stay close to what matters most to you. You can make calls, send messages, talk on Walkie-Talkie, and listen to Apple Music or Apple Podcasts. You can do all directly from your wrist.


Series 4 is swim-proof

WatchOS 5 operating system

Battery life: Up to 18 hours

64-bit dual-core S4 processor

ECG app in the Apple Watch Series 4

Digital Crown including haptic response


red-sign-iconThis is a bit more costly

red-sign-iconIt does not come with LTE capability


The Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular, 44mm) might be high for those who want an updated watch with longer battery life. Overall, you would be delighted with the purchase.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Apple Smartwatches

What to look for before buying the best apple smartwatches?

Here are the top notches features that you need to know before buying the best apple smartwatches. Let’s take a look at:

1. Design:

There is no doubt that the Apple Watch is an attractive device for the money. It features an elegant and discreet look. It comes with a curved glass & cleans line that combines with the bent metal. Yes, you would not get a single, smart edge.

The case has stainless steel construction (also aluminum or rose gold). It is thick enough, but because it turns inwards, it seems thinner than it is indeed. This problem plagues most smart wearables, and unluckily, this time, we need to receive that the smartwatch technology has not engaged as much as we would like yet.

However, the Apple Watch looks pretty balanced (weighing 1.5 pounds). You most apparently would not experience that the thickness is much of a deal. You will find two different forms of watch: 1.3 inches and one inch plus a half case. This separation has been made to satisfy both females & males, but the greater one does have battery life.

If you have an Apple watch, you will notice that a button and Digital Crown on the right side. These will help you to hide or show your friends, access Apple pays (with a double click) and turns the watch Off or On.

You will get the heart rate sensor at the base of the watch and the magnetic mounting charging process (Qi compliant). Also, there is a mini microphone & speaker on the left of the clock for calling. Overall the Apple Watch seems to be better looking than most smart wearables on the market.

The apple watch comes with three straps. These are including :

a) the Milanese Loop,

b) a Black Sport Band, and

c) the Leather Loop.

The Milanese Loop:

The Milanese Loop comes with a mesh-like finish. It strictly goes with the metallic case. But it does feel a lot more elegant than any other strap choice. It is quite easy to adjust, flexible, and comfortable. It is ideal for more stylish or casual clothing. The clasp is magnetic & remains closed.

Black Sport Band:

Sport Band seems quite comfortable. But it comes with a unique clasp mechanism same to different plastic bands on different smartwatches that you will get applied to in no time.

The Leather Loop band:

The Leather Loop band shuts magnetically. It applies magnetic parts that join to each other. But you will find some defects because we spotted a few scratches on the clasp after some days of use. Also, you may get yourself in the situation to join the strap throughout the day. It is because it inclines to slip a link once in a while.

2. Display:

The Apple Watch comes with an OLED display. The resolution and a pixel density of Apple Watch are 312×390 pixels & 326ppi. The Retina display is a little different than the one used on iPhones. Apple has selected a gentle OLED from LG more than the standard LCD technology.

The display features a thick Ion-X glass or a sapphire glass. These will protect your watch from any scratches or minor cracks into furniture.

The OLED display of apple watch is colorful and bright enough. It is indeed one of the liveliest shows out on the smartwatch world.

Nevertheless, the power Touch technology of apple watch identifies the level of power, the difference between hard or light presses; thanks to its mini electrodes around the display

It is an excellent inclusion that connects some more functionality and options to some apps without connecting more buttons.

3. Hardware & Battery Life:

The Apple Watch features a 500MHz Apple S1 processor. It has 512MB RAM and 8GB storage. Also, it is equipped with a heart rate detector. This detector uses detectable light and infrared LEDs with photodiodes to track heart rate. It features an accelerometer and gyrometer as well.

The Apple Watch comes with a Lithium-Ion battery (205mAh). It offers almost 18 hours of battery life on regular use. If you play music, this will give you 6 hours of battery backup. Also, it allows 3 hours of talk time and 48 hours of checking the time.

4. Software:

The Apple Watch uses the software called WatchOS 2.0. It is completely operational. The apple watch is not manufactured for prolonged use. This will give you a more significant experience if used for short times. The Apple Watch needs an iPhone 5 or another model.

5. Complications:

Manufacturers can show data from their apps as ‘complications’ or difficulties on the watch face. The apple watch makes communication much more engaging. Users can customize watch and receive the necessary information that facts the most to the consumer at any provided point of time.

6. Apple Pay options:

The apple watch allows you to make payments quickly and conveniently. Today apple Pay options help you to pay fast from your wrist because watchOS goes to the limits where you can add credit cards & reward cards.

7. Talk to your wrist with Siri:

You can successfully use your voice to do more specific jobs like a workout with watchOS 2. Nowadays, Siri is much more modern, dynamic & smarter than before.


The phenomenon of smartwatches began to spread during 2015, but now it is in full swing. The best Apple Smartwatch now has multiple functions, and each new generation surpasses the previous one.

Wearing an Apple smartwatch on your wrist will not be cheap. But you know that you pay for the latest technology and also for the apple logo.

So be aware and do some researches before going to buy an apple watch. However, if you don’t have enough time, you can review our product lists.

The above mentioned Apple watches are our top researched and best collections that you can find currently on the market. You can go any one of these smartwatches from apple.