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Absolute Smart Watch: You Must Know

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Smartwatches Buying Guide – Things you need to know about

It is not clear whether, in the near future, smartwatches will eventually replace mobile phones as the reference device for tasks such as making calls, sending messages, or checking the news. What does seem apparent is that they are here to stay and that they offer more and better services every time.

A consequence of its growing popularity is that, at present, there are many manufacturers and models available. There is no doubt that this is a series of advantages when purchasing a smartwatch.

However, it also complicates the process of choosing the right one. To make your task more accessible, we have prepared this Smartwatches Buying Guide. Stay tuned with us…

Smartwatches Buying Guide:

What models have we chosen?

To prepare the comparison, we have selected six models from different manufacturers, which can be divided into two main groups: those that take great advantage of their performance as personal training systems but that exploit their functions more like a smartwatch, and those that They balance both facets.

The models we have selected have been: Apple Watch Series, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Garmin, and Fitbit. When analyzing them, we have taken into account several criteria:

1. Design:

The best thing is that when the watch is placed on the wrist, it is comfortable to wear and weighs little. The choice of materials is also important to ensure durability and resistance, especially if you exercise frequently.

2. Software:

It is one of the key elements because it is the one that determines both the functions and the interface to interact with the smartwatch.

3. Autonomy:

As with the mobile phone, the battery of these smart devices plays a vital role so that it is not necessary to pay attention to the charger.

4. Sports practice:

One of the main functions associated with a smartwatch is those related to exercise: create training profiles, recommendations, monitoring of activities, heart rate meter…

5. Notifications:

While some models only allow receiving notifications of calls, messages, or reminders, others offer the option to respond to them.

Compatibility of the smartwatch with the smartphone:

It is essential to make sure that the phone you have can work with the smartwatch you want. If you do not know what smartwatch to buy compatible with your smartphone, keep in mind these essential points:

1. The wireless connection:

Most smartwatches are connected via Bluetooth and usually carry version 4 or higher. Therefore, make sure first that your phone has the same version of Bluetooth or that it is compatible.

Sometimes the manufacturer does not specify the Bluetooth version, but it will usually work with your mobile phone if it is not very old.

2. The operating system:

If you have an iPhone it may be more appropriate to buy an Apple Watch because you will make sure everything works.

If you have an Android phone, the best choice can be a smartwatch with Android or Android Wear for the same reason.

However, this is a way to ensure complete compatibility but does not exclude other equally valid options. Most smartwatches with Android Wear have compatibility with the Apple system although, yes, the configuration can be somewhat more laborious and not all features work.

On the other hand, many smartwatches have their proprietary system that works with major operating systems, iOS, and Android. If you have an Android phone, the best choice can be a smartwatch with Android or Android Wear for the same reason.

3. The brand:

Related to the previous point, we can find specific models of some smartwatch brands that are compatible only with some models of phones of their own brand. It is the case of Apple, and Samsung with its Gear 2, although the latter can be changed Tizen for Android.

As for Microsoft, the smartwatches compatible with its Windows Phone system shine, for the moment, due to its absence, having wearable compatible with the Microsoft Band as a more secure bet.

It is easier to know which smartwatch to buy, taking into account these 3 points, so that compatibility with the phone is the most appropriate because it is only a matter of consulting the specifications.


A smartwatch is, in addition to an electronic device, a clothing accessory, and this makes design a significant factor especially since the leading manufacturers realized this detail.

What smartwatch buy will depend, finally, on the balance that we consider enough between functionalities and personal taste. Overall, follow the tips mentioned above could be a great help to choose the best smartwatch.